One Piece Chapter 800 – We Will Follow You

One Piece Chapter 800 - the formation of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet

The formation of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet

As expected, Luffy refused the proposition of an alliance where the seven representatives and their crews sit under the Straw Hat Pirates as subordinate crews. The specific relationship being proposed was definitely against Luffy’s ideals of freedom and adventure and was ultimately a role which placed too much responsibility on Luffy. Instead we get a relationship where Luffy has zero responsibility over managing the crews of those who pledged their allegiance to Luffy. It is a one-sided alliance, but one very representative of what Luffy stands for – freedom.

Right from the start of the alliance, those committed to it have experienced exactly how problematic understanding and comprehending Luffy’s actions can be. But at the same time, they are beginning to understand what makes Luffy so interesting and refreshing. It is almost guaranteed none of those current representatives have met someone like Luffy before, someone who goes so against the norm, the norm itself bends. Whenever the Straw Hat Pirates get in a pinch, the alliance members will be there and whenever any of the alliance members gets in a tough situation, the Straw Hat Pirates will there to help them.

One Piece Chapter 800 - Luffy's idea of an alliance

The freedom to choose what you want to do…

The shockingly unique Pirate Alliance formed will definitely catch the attention of the world and in particular the notable pirates and factions across the New World who will soon come to find out that a new power has just formed within the final sea. Within a matter of days upon entering the New World, Straw Hat Luffy has gained the support of a massive following including several notable pirates who have now pledged their allegiance to him. What Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates achieved is nothing short of extraordinary.

I doubt the World Government will fully realise the weight of Luffy’s accomplishments as of yet, but they will still acknowledge the current danger Luffy represents to them, which seems to be reflected in his current bounty of 500 million Beli, if we assume the bounty the pirates detrimentally affected by Doflamingo’s defeat were referring to Luffy. If this is the case, I am incredibly curious to see if Zoro, Franky, Sogeking and Robin have received bounty increases for their part in the Donquixote Pirates downfall. Surely they must have as well? Hopefully Zoro’s bounty increase in more in line with the threat he represents – closer to the 300 million Beri mark.

With Doflamingo having so many active contracts with pirates ongoing with his defeat, it is no surprise that many of them have gathered together to stand against the Straw Hat Pirates, but unfortunately for them, they underestimated Luffy’s ability to win the interest of a Marine Admiral who used them as targets to dispose of the rubble he gather from across Dressrosa. From wanting to capture Luffy and Law, Isshou is now helping them escape. Although his actions can also be considered as benefiting Dressrosa by protecting them from the Pirate’s desperation and anger. Whatever the case, it is going to be interesting to see Isshou what happened to Akainu, if at all.

The seven representatives swearing their allegiance to Luffy via drinking the cups of sake was a powerful scene. Usually the drinks are shared between the Boss and the underlings, but Oda-sensei has flipped that approach on its head and instead only had the underlings declare their vows to Luffy. In a sense, the one-sided nature of the relationship only makes the formation of the alliance more impacting as the representatives were willing to declare their allegiance to Luffy without his consent. It illustrates just how much they believe in  and respect him. Whatever Oda-sensei has planned for the Alliance members, the narration at the end of the chapter, certainly indicates that they will be involved in something big, an event pivotal to this age.

One Piece Chapter 800 - end of arc party

Finally the end of arc party has begun signalling the arrival of a new arc

Zoro ninja-ing Luffy’s cup of sake was hilarious, and his subsequent reaction after Luffy found out was priceless. Zoro really does love his alcohol! As for Isshou, got to love the gratitude and respect he has for Luffy in saving Dressrosa, the way he went about performing his duties as an Admiral will definitely need some explanation to Akainu.  I wonder if there is anything Isshou can say that will not make Akainu mad at the end result – Luffy escapes. Sengoku overheard Isshou expressing his gratitude to Luffy, but I doubt Sengoku will make such a big deal out of it when he himself let Law go. It will be interesting to see how Isshou goes about weakening the relevance of the Shichibukai and ultimately having them dissolved.

Kyros and Rebecca are finally together and even though their moment was short in this chapter, it signified the huge steps the two have taken towards each other – Kyros has overcome his sensitivity of touching Rebecca believing he will taint her with his sins. Now, Kyros realises that holding Rebecca is an expression of love and not an act of regret. He can finally feel the warmth of his beloved daughter, unlike when he was a toy soldier.

The Banquet has finally kicked off to signal the conclusion of this arc and it is interesting that Bellamy is nowhere to be seen, I wonder what Oda-sensei intends to do with his character given the turmoil and despair he has suffered throughout this arc. It will be interesting to see if joins up with another crew as he begins to rebuild himself and his life. Looking forward to the next chapter and seeing what the Swirly Hat Pirates are up to.

Happy 800 chapters Oda-sensei and One Piece!! (This chapter’s cover page was amazing – ❤ Snow White)


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