One Piece Chapter 799 – The Straw Hat Pirate Alliance

One Piece chapter 799 - The Straw Hat Pirate Alliance

What will Luffy decide?

We all had a feeling this moment would come when the Colosseum fighters and the Tontatta Tribe allied with the Straw Hat Pirates + Law earlier in the arc to take down the Donquixote Pirates and save Dressrosa. But now it is official, well almost…the expansion of the Straw Hat Pirate Alliance. Depending on Luffy’s decision, he may have a sizable army under his flag to command. Although, given the name of this saga we are currently in – Pirate Alliance Saga – I don’t see the new alliance members not following Luffy and Co. even if Luffy decides against them becoming his subordinates. Given Luffy’s nature, he may just have a problem with the exact type of relationship being formed and instead want something more along the lines of an alliance formed by friendship instead of orders.

I was wondering where Oda was going with the sudden skirmish between Luffy and Isshou, but it turns out Oda had a perfectly genuine reason for having Luffy take on Isshou and handling the fight in the unorthodox and weird manner in which he did. It not only conveyed Luffy’s intention to fight any foe standing in front of him, but it also enlightened Isshou to the world which he had thought he had fully seen. Luffy had actually made Isshou regret sealing his own sight. The tensing of Isshou’s right hand as his gripped his sword while expressing such a thought was quite moving and fascinating. Not only was Luffy able to win over the Colosseum fighters and the Dwarves, he was also able to intrigue a Marine Admiral enough that Isshou couldn’t help but smile and bask in his wonderment.

One Piece chapter 799 - Isshou's interest in Luffy

Mihwak was right, Luffy really does have a captivating charisma about him

The citizen’s of Dressrosa came through, I knew believing in them would bear fruit at some point and despite the apparent ignorance Oda made us believe they were driven by, the citizen’s actual obliviousness was an act they intentionally put on to protect those they love – Scarlet, Kyros, Rebecca, the dwarves and now Lucy. In order to ensure the successful escape of their saviors, they have used their own lives to deter Isshou from crushing the Straw Hat Pirates + allies with the debris gathered from the ruins of Dressrosa. Thanks to Luffy, the citizen’s viewpoint on pirates have changed completely. This whole arc has been an exhibition of how engaging and charming Luffy’s personality can be.

One Piece chapter 799 - The Citizen's of Dressrosa

Nice work Dressrosa!

I have to say, the Yonta Maria Grand Fleet Flagship, the Yonta Maria is absolutely divine. The imposing nature of it and how it dwarfs the Elbaf Giant Hajrudin makes quite the first impression statement. I think I just grew more interested in Orlumbus and his fleet. What has Orlumbus done to now have a fleet of around 4,300 members. Orlumbus is listed as a pioneer adventurer by Oda (which makes sense due to who Orlumbus is based on), but I am curious to learn more about his past accomplishments and feats within the One Piece world. Orlumbus didn’t seem all that interesting of a character before this chapter, but now that I have seen the Flagship he commands and what he brings to the table for the Straw Hat Alliance, I have reconsidered just how vital his character is to the story.

One Piece chapter 799 - The Yonta Maria

What a seraphical ship – love that figurehead

It was interesting finding out the number of members within each of the seven representatives crews, especially since we have barely seen much of their crews within this arc beside a member of two from some of the representatives. Cavendish, who has accepted Suleiman’s invitation to join his crew, has 75 members in the Beautiful Pirates crew. Bartolomeo has 56 members in the Barto Club (including Gambia). Sai has approximately 1,000 members in the Happo Navy (includes Boo and most likely Baby 5). Ideo has formed a four member alliance with Blue Gilly, Abdullah and Jeet – the XXX Gym Martial Arts Alliance. Leo has 200 members in the Tontatta Tribe’s Tonta Corps. Hajrudin currently has four other members within his crew which he intends to form into the new Giant Pirate crew. And finally, there is Orlumbus with his 4,300 member Yonta Maria Fleet. These seven representatives have each decided to come together and become part of the subordinate crews of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Luffy doesn’t seem all that thrilled about the idea, but I am guessing it is more to do with the way the idea is presented than the actual idea itself (note: Luffy’s idea of a hero). I am guessing Luffy will reject the proposal the seven representatives have offered him for them to join as the Straw Hat Pirates subordinates crews. Luffy may not like the idea of being above others in an alliance and instead seek to have an alliance where the seven representatives and their crews are placed alongside the Straw Hat Pirates (instead of underneath as subordinate crews). Luffy having an intriguing notion of an alliance may help to even shock the world they find out the exact nature of the alliance. Whatever the case, the current seven representatives will definitely become part of the Straw Hat Alliance alongside Law (Captain Usopp finally working his way towards 8,000 followers?).

One Piece chapter 799 - Straw Hat Pirate Alliance representatives

The seven representatives of the future Straw Hat Pirate Alliance members

Regarding Bellamy, his fate is currently left up in the air. With him a broken man at the moment, what will he decide to do next? I don’t see Bellamy becoming a Straw Hat Pirate as Oda’s writing throughout the arc doesn’t support such a development, but what I do see happening is Bellamy joining one of the alliance crews, possibly Bartolomeo’s.

With chapter 800 on the horizon, I really am interested to see what Oda has planned and the world shaking revelations that are about the rock the New World thanks to the recent events on Dressrosa. What will the new Straw Hat Pirates bounties be – those who fought on Dressrosa? And what will the Yonko think now that Luffy has gathered a massive alliance of his own to challenge the four of them? Shanks will be amused, Kaidou will be pissed, Big Mom will be furious (especially after opening the Tamatebako she received from the Straw Hat Pirates on Fishman Island), and Blackbeard will likely be intrigued and curious. Very much looking forward to chapter 800 and the consequential events about to shake the New World (and yeah there is the Swirly Hat Pirates).

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