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One Piece Chapter 799 – The Straw Hat Pirate Alliance

One Piece chapter 799 - The Straw Hat Pirate Alliance

What will Luffy decide?

We all had a feeling this moment would come when the Colosseum fighters and the Tontatta Tribe allied with the Straw Hat Pirates + Law earlier in the arc to take down the Donquixote Pirates and save Dressrosa. But now it is official, well almost…the expansion of the Straw Hat Pirate Alliance. Depending on Luffy’s decision, he may have a sizable army under his flag to command. Although, given the name of this saga we are currently in – Pirate Alliance Saga – I don’t see the new alliance members not following Luffy and Co. even if Luffy decides against them becoming his subordinates. Given Luffy’s nature, he may just have a problem with the exact type of relationship being formed and instead want something more along the lines of an alliance formed by friendship instead of orders.

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