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Bleach Chapter 641 – Mayuri And Nemu

Bleach chapter 641 - Mayuri and Nemu VS Pernida

Mayuri’s fatherly feelings for Nemu really does help deepen his character

For some reason I have this unnerving feeling that either Mayuri or Nemu is going to die soon while they try to save each other. With Nemu’s life threatened, Mayuri shifts his attention to her to try to warn her, which in turn opens him up to attack by Pernida. This spurs Nemu to force herself to protect Mayuri. With the two of them caring about each other and the way the fight is currently set-up,  it feels almost likely that someone will die. Pernida has progressed/evolved to a state in which he has gained the reaction and nerve capability of someone as strong as Zaraki. At this level is seems Mayuri may need more than just himself and Nemu to combat Pernida.

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