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One Piece Chapter 798 – Escaping Dressrosa

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One Piece chapter 798 - Isshou gathers the rubble

Isshou means business!

With the Marines hot on the Straw Hat Pirates and allies heels, the dwarves have lent their aid to their saviors and have begun to disrupt the organisation of the Marines through stealing their weaponry, sealing the movements of their ships and even immobilizing the Marine soldiers. Even Mansherry is unknowingly fatiguing the soldiers through her Kenpopo donations. Unfortunately for the dwarves efforts, there isn’t much they can do against Admiral Isshou, who single-handedly intends to crush all the pirates with one massive attack. Tired of running, Luffy has opted to challenge Isshou directly because that is what a true Pirate King would do.

I was wondering why the Marines suddenly collapsed in the previous chapter, so it turns out rather them collapsing because of Haki or gravity, they were sewn to the ground by Leo. What a useful ability he sure has when it comes to stealth and disruptive tactics – sewing the ships together. Thanks to the small stature and speed of the dwarves, they are able to disarm and steal the Marines weaponry without being detected and captured. The dwarves alone may not be all that impressive, but they really are dangerous in groups when many are at work together.

One Piece chapter 798 - Leo disrupts the Marines

Well played Leo, your ability is coming in significant use now

Law meeting up with Sengoku was expected, but what was interesting was how the conversation developed and Law revealing his secret name to Sengoku. Sengoku had surmised the reason for Rosinante’s betrayal and presence on Minion, but thanks to Law sharing with Sengoku exactly what happened and how Rosinante was his savior, Sengoku has finally gotten proper confirmation for why Rosinante acted the way he did – so save a boy embraced with a tragic fate. Law has also learned the exact relationship Rosinante and Sengoku shared.

I did not expect Law to reveal to Sengoku that he is a “D”, but I guess due to the relationship Sengoku had with Rosinante, Law concluded Sengoku was someone he could trust. And due to Law’s curiosity of what Rosinante meant concerning the fates of the “D”‘s and the Tenryuubito, Law wanted to learn the truth behind it. Sengoku didn’t reveal much, but thanks to him we now know that Rosinante didn’t know much about the “D”‘s fate and the significance of it. Additionally, thanks to Sengoku’s thought process, we have confirmation that those with the “D” lead a life filled with tragedy. It will be interesting to learn the reason why those with the “D” desire freedom so strongly and what makes them so different from everyone else.

One Piece chapter 798 - Sengoku and Law reflect on the memories of Rosinante

Reflecting on their memories of Rosinante, the two resolve to live with him in their heart

Because of his meeting with Sengoku, Law was able to realise the importance he served to Rosinante and the real reason Rosinante saved him – not because of his “D” initial, but because he was someone Rosinante had chosen to love. Ultimately, Sengoku put it beautifully, remembering Rosinante and always keeping him in their heart as they keep on living is all they can do to honor his life and existence.

One Piece chapter 798 - Luffy challenges Isshou

Hey, Luffy! Your nakama are waiting for you!!

Isshou may have been dormant for most of this arc, but with the Marines target now set on the Straw Hat Pirates and allies, and the dice roll supporting his duty, he has no reason to hold back now. Gathering all the rubble across Dressrosa from the battle with the Donquixote Pirates, Isshou now intends to crush all the pirates with it. Interestingly, instead of avoiding Isshou and saving the battle against him for another day, Luffy has finally decided that enough is enough and that he is ready to challenge the big shots standing in his way. With his characteristic phrase involving the Pirate King, Luffy now stands against Admiral Isshou.

I doubt we will get ourselves a proper battle between Luffy and Isshou as the time just doesn’t seem right for the two to seriously clash. Potentially, someone may interrupt the fight between the two and drag Luffy away (Law using Shambles to get Luffy onto the ship). Whatever happens, very much looking forward to the next chapter.


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