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[Theory] One Piece – The Potential Of Monet

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One Piece - Monet art

The Yuki-Onna Harpy, Monet

Lets take the potential of Monet’s character further and delve into the essence of a possible role Monet can serve as both a member of the Straw Hat Pirates and as a character within the One Piece story.

The core of the potential I am talking about is how a character can flesh out the existing story of One Piece and further expand on what has been established through 798 chapters. The common theme with the female Straw Hat members is that their dreams add an immense amount of development to the world of One Piece – the geography of the world and the history of the world. From my perspective, a future female Straw Hat member will impact the story in similar manner with their dream.

Now we know that Nami’s dream is to create a map of the world which she is slowly completing as she sails the Grand Line with Luffy and Co. (Cartography). Robin’s dream is to uncover the history of the void century which was left blank for implicitly dark reasons (Archaeology). Robin too is progressively achieving her dream as she journey’s with Luffy and Co. across the Grand Line by discovering Poneglyph’s hidden away on different Islands (which will ultimately lead her to the Rio Poneglyph). From another perspective, one could argue that Nami and Robin’s dream fall into a much more defined category; Nami’s relating to the present – to draw a map of the entire world, and Robin’s dream relating to the past – to find the Rio Poneglyph which tells the “True History” of the One Piece world including the Void Century. Seeing as we have Past and Present through two female Straw Hat members, the only aspect missing in that trinity is “Future” and in so far as developing the future, a science related profession does fit beautifully.

Furthermore the consequential effects of Nami and Robin’s dreams being achieved isn’t limited to just their desire; by creating a map of the whole world and unveiling the truth surrounding the Void Century, they will effectively induce massive changes within their own profession and around the world, potentially embodying defining moments in [the One Piece world] history. While I understand that deriving a pattern or in a sense, a theme, based on only two female Straw Hat members in regards to a third female member isn’t the most comprehensive approach to take, at the moment this is all we have to work with in trying to identify who a potential third female nakama can be using the current two.

Factoring in the fact that a science related profession does fit the “Future” theme, it is possible that the dream of a potential third female Straw Hat nakama is related to “science” and will lead to changes matching those Nami and Robin achieving their dreams will influence. In that regard, the dream of the potential third female Straw Hat member will redefine the norms (and direction) of the science related profession they are related to.

So far there haven’t been any females characters introduced with a [directly] heavy connection to a science profession, save for a subtle hint Oda left in chapter 666 in regards to Monet. One can argue that one panel containing fragments of words that can be related to a science profession may be irrelevant and inconsequential but I wonder. The fragments “ASTRO” and “CLIP” weren’t accidentally included in the panels in question, Oda didn’t have to make the text on the books legible, he could have continued using illegible text for the books in all the panels, but for Monet’s character, he chose to have a page included that contained those fragments of words (in English) which could easily be associated with a science related profession i.e. Astro[nomy]. By the tenth page which Monet featured in since being introduced, Oda wanted the readers to make the connection between a science related subject and Monet. He wanted his readers to know early on that there is potentially more to Monet than he is currently revealing.

As for how an Astronomy related dream can impact the world in the same manner as Nami and Robin’s dreams, there is a large scope of possibility. Just as it is in reality, astronomy and the nature of space wasn’t always clear and correct in how it was viewed. It took scientist going against the norm to help guide astronomy onto a more complete and accurate path. The shift in focus from the Geocentric Model/Ptolemaic system of the Solar System (Earth at the center of the universe) to the Heliocentric Model (Earth and planets revolving around the Sun at the center of the Solar System) was a defining and revolutionary moment in science for humanity. Thanks to Nicolaus Copernicus, Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei and many other scientists who defended/supported the heliocentric model and then Isaac Newton for furthering the model with his laws of motion and universal gravitation, humanity was able to take a step closer to understanding the nature of the universe we exist in. Such a reality may be occurring within the One Piece, where the world is currently under an unrepresentative impression of the nature of the universe (and their world).

Delving into some more speculation, Monet and Sugar’s parents or parent (mother) may have been a scientist who believed in a model contrary to common thinking which could at the time have been met with unfriendly opinion. Just as it was in regards to the heliocentric model, society and the general public were made to believe the wrongness in such thinking via religion and Holy Scripture. In February 1616, the Inquisition through a committee of theologians, delivered a unanimous report condemning heliocentrism as “foolish and absurd in philosophy, and formally heretical since it explicitly contradicts in many places the sense of Holy Scripture.” Following that report, the papal Master of the Sacred Palace, Congregation of the Index, and Pope banned all books and letters advocating the Copernican system, which they called “the false Pythagorean doctrine, altogether contrary to Holy Scripture.” Additionally, for advancing heliocentric theory Galileo was forced to recant Copernicanism and was put under house arrest for the last few years of his life.

If Oda intends to convey a clash of scientific idea’s relating to astronomy, through the efforts of few going against the powerful, I can see how Monet and Sugar could have lived in a misfortunate environment (volume 77 SBS). If Monet and Sugar’s parent(s) were “judged” by the “ignorance” of the world due to their efforts in trying to defend their beliefs, it wouldn’t be surprising to see that ignorance directed to Monet and Sugar as children of the heretical radical(s). Seeing as Monet is the older sister, it is within the realm of possibility relative to this theory that some of the astronomical studies her parent(s) were engaged in rubbed off on her and inspired her to continue their research surrounding their model/idea/theory/belief (kind of like how Law’s father being a doctor influenced him). Once Sugar and her were saved by Doflamingo though, ‘they resolved to throw their lives away if it were for the sake of the Family’ (according to the volume 77 SBS), which would explain why before anything else, she places her duty towards Doflamingo. Once that duty crumbles away when the truth about Doflamingo is revealed (his true nature and lack of intention to become the Pirate King), Monet (and Sugar) may just return to the dreams they held before Doflamingo saved them.

I wouldn’t put it passed the World Government to lie to the world and deceive them in an attempt to keep the noose wrapped tightly around everyone’s necks dancing along to the tune of their whims which they so carnivorously label “justice”. The World Government have never held the best interest of the people in mind, they have always operated under the desire to maintain absolute control over the world; be it through manipulating the truth, hiding it, or destroying it. The incidents with Crocodile, Moriah and the escaped Level 6 Impel Down prisoners prove that point completely. It wouldn’t be out of character for the World Government, in particular, the Tenryuubito and those representing them to ridicule the people bold enough to challenge their “truths”.

The incidents with Ohara and Flevance (“White Lead”) proves beyond a doubt that the World Government cannot see passed their own selfish desires. In particular, the issue surrounding the “White Lead” illustrates that even though the World Government knew a hundred years before it became commercialized around the world that the White Lead’s true nature was poison, they weren’t against exploiting the nation’s ignorance to make themselves some money. They were ready to sacrifice a whole nation and anyone else who came in contact with the White Lead just so they could appease their own greed and increase their wealth. What’s worse is what the World Government did after the nature of the White Lead was revealed to the world; absolutely nothing. The World Government knew the White Lead sickness wasn’t contagious, yet they omitted to correct the perception of everyone, even though it could have saved lives. The World Government do not care about expanding the boundaries of human ingenuity (history, medicine, science), less it benefits them directly i.e. all the advances in Kairoseki, Devil Fruit and mechanical use are directly connected to increasing their military might, not to push the potential of human thinking in general.

If an astronomical model/theory went against what the World Government “deemed” correct, I can see the World Government and/or those that represent them making an aggressive display of their disagreement towards those challenging their authority and divinity (similar to how radical thinking in the past was punished by religious organisations when it came to the “heavens” and thinking contrary to their scriptures). If the World Government are opposed by a [possible] truth which undermines their authority and overall supremacy, steps will be taken by them to ensure such a truth is discredited and/or extinguished. It isn’t so far-fetched to believe that a certain line of thinking which illuminates the deception within their “truths” will be crushed before it gains support.

The World Government operate by the doctrine of paranoia, if they believe something COULD threaten them, they will deal with it as if it WERE threatening them. With the World Government having a religious and holy theme, one could compare them to how the church operated in the past in regards to science that disagreed with their beliefs and scriptures, in particular Astronomy (in the past, the “heavens” and religion shared an intimately close bond). Through Monet, the field of Astronomy can take a step forward and help lay the foundation for future developments in the One Piece World.

How can astronomy be of use to the Straw Hat Pirates?

The lack of certainty regarding Raftel’s location has always been a curious aspect/point to me; why after 24 years has no one been able to reach it let alone locate it? The fact that Roger offered to share with Newgate information on how to get to Raftel suggest to me that getting to Raftel is not as simple as just navigating to an Island and sailing towards it, there is something special one must to do in order to reach/access it.

To simplify things, Raftel may need an astronomer to be accessed (unless one possesses the ability to hear the Voice of all Creation). While I do believe that Raftel may be located in a hard to find area of the New World and that it may be hard to navigate to, I don’t believe that is the complete reason as to why no one has since been able to reach it. There are many skilled navigators around the world and the Yonko pirate crews should have been able to locate it with the amount of years they have been pirating (the World Government themselves must have also searched for it). I believe in addition to being hard to navigate to, being able to access Raftel is time-gated and only during a certain time does the way towards Raftel open. For example, lets say Raftel was located in the eye of a perpetual Cyclone which ever so often ceases for a day or several hours. The cause of that natural event potentially being linked to the orbits of the One Piece world satellites and only at a certain point during their orbits does the way to Raftel open (the effect the several moons have on the tides). As such, a person studying the celestial objects affecting the One Piece world will be relevant to getting Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates to Raftel.

If observational data is required in finding One Piece, I can see Monet uncovering the secret behind accessing Raftel as she gathers more data during the journey towards Raftel, which will likely be relevant to her dream (observing a celestial event at Raftel could provide Monet with the data needed to confirm and substantiate the model/idea/theory/claim/belief of her parent(s)).

An Astronomer can benefit significantly by being with the Straw Hat Pirates. Franky’s skills in developing technology can help [Monet] develop a powerful telescope which can be used to observe the skies and the motions of stars, planets, moons and other celestial objects, which will be critical in providing observations/evidence for astronomical theories regarding the nature of the One Piece universe. Astronomical observations can be taken even further if the astronomer travels with the Straw Hat Pirates into space. If Monet is an astronomer and an astronomer is destined to be relevant to the story, Monet will have a role to serve in both the Straw Hat Pirates and in the overall One Piece story. As a result, I find myself excited and inspired by the potential of Monet’s character.

Thank you for reading.

And yeah, Happy Birthday Monet!!

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