One Piece Chapter 797 – Kyros And Rebecca

One Piece chapter 797 - Rebecca's decision

Do it Rebecca, express to Kyros how you really feel!

Finally Kyros has accepted the beat of his heart in favour of the sensitivity of his insecurity. Kyros really did want to live together with Rebecca yet his past burdening him with regret and shame overwhelmed any desire he held towards drawing Rebecca away from her “innocence” towards himself. Kyros was afraid to taint Rebecca with his shame and ruin any chance at happiness she had. Yet within that selfless act of trying to protect his daughter, Kyros was blind to how selfish he really was in making a decision for Rebecca when she had every right to make the decision alongside Kyros. Rebecca recognised the lies Kyros has been telling himself to numb the sensation in his heart and to justify the decision he has made, and thanks to Luffy spurring her on, she was finally able to shatter the cage Kyros built around his heart. Kyros has been physically saving Rebecca throughout this arc, yet in this chapter, Rebecca was the one who emotionally saved Kyros, by accepting her father for who he is and not what he is.

With Rebecca following the same path Scarlett did, abandoning her title of princess in favour of living with her father, Kyros, Viola is now next in line for the throne with Riku about to officially announce the return of the Riku Royal Family to the throne. I understand that Kyros associating himself with Rebecca will end up “tainting” the Royal Line with non-Royal blood, but I really would love to see if the citizen’s of Dressrosa at this point even gave a damn if Scarlett’s true partner wasn’t a prince from some faraway land full of unicorns, rainbows and magical ponies and was instead a man feared for his hostility and beastly strength. Would the citizen’s of Dressrosa really reject Kyros after everything they have been through during the past ten years and after everything Kyros has done for them? Personally, I don’t believe so. While I recognise that the citizen’s of Dressrosa can be idiotic in how they haphazardly cast their saviors aside when it comes to uncertain circumstances, I believe the citizen’s will accept Kyros for who he is if they are given the chance.

One Piece chapter 797 - Rebecca and Kyros

Have you finally realised what will make Rebecca happy, Kyros?

With Kyros now accepting the feelings of his heart wholeheartedly and the embrace of his daughter, it should be interesting to see what happens next when the truth surrounding Scarlett, Kyros and Rebecca is revealed to the public assuming Kyros and Rebecca continue living in Dressrosa. Hopefully my expectations of Dressrosa aren’t let down in regards to them being a nation leading the path towards peace and freedom for the rest of the world.

With Isshou nearing the Eastern Port and Luffy still on his way towards it, I wonder who exactly will hold Isshou off as Luffy makes his way there. Most likely Zoro if he hasn’t gotten lost. Would love to see Zoro engage Isshou again and gauge more closely as the gap in strength between the two. Zoro may not be strong enough to take down an Admiral, but he is surely strong enough to hold one off for a few minutes.

One Piece chapter 797 - Collapsed Marines

Was that Isshou’s doing? Did he not want Rebecca to get shot? Strange…

As for Law, his inevitable meeting with Sengoku will definitely be interesting. Will Law inform Sengoku about Rosinante’s last mission and it involving the country of Dressrosa? Through Law, Rosinante’s message and ‘will’ will be delivered to Sengoku. And through Sengoku will Dressrosa be avoided any unfairness from the World Government. Because Rosinante risked his life to gather intel to protect Dressrosa from Doflamingo, once Sengoku find this out, I really don’t see Sengoku not ensuring that Dressrosa receives whatever help they need from the World Government to be restored. Sengoku may not be Fleet Admiral anymore, but I bet his decisions still hold weight within the Marines. Sengoku will not let Rosinante’s ‘will’ of wanting to save Dressrosa be tarnished by any injustice on the World Government’s/Marines part.

With the Dressrosa Arc about to conclude, I find myself unbearably excited for the contents in the chapters leading up to chapter 800. With Oda having overly dramatised certain events in Dressrosa to stretch out its content, he certainly does seem to have planned the contents around and within chapter 800 to be extremely consequential to the story of the New World. Potentially new bounties for the Straw Hats could be revealed, or the reaction of the Yonko towards the Straw Hat Pirates feats in Dressrosa, or something else entirely. Whatever Oda has planned for his reader’s within the coming chapters, I am extremely looking forward to it.

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