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Bleach Chapter 639 – Golden Ashisogi Jizou

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Bleach chapter 639 - Mayuri's madness

There really is no limits to what Mayuri wouldn’t do to satisfy his cravings…

Wow, I am stunned, I am honestly struggling to find words to comprehend exactly what happened. Did Pernida just snap off a finger to mutate another hand? Did Mayuri’s Bankai just give birth to another Bankai? Did Mayuri really redesign his Bankai into THAT? I knew Mayuri was twisted and psychotic but the guy seriously takes experimentation to a level even I wasn’t expecting from him. Just how far hasn’t he gone yet? And yeah, I don’t believe the fight is over just yet.

Both Mayuri and Pernida are twisted, yet not even Pernida compares to the crazy Mayuri has just unleashed and the madness inspiring him to experiment beyond even comprehension. I get that Mayuri’s strength lies in gathering information, but his tendency to discard any limitation in what he can achieve via experimentation has pushing his boundaries of what is possible as well. I was not expecting him to have reconfigured his Bankai into a Bankai which births a Bankai based on the information he has provided it. It was/is quite unnerving honestly seeing the graphic nature of it.

Bleach chapter 639 - Pernida splits into three arms

The Soul King complete must be so weird if his left hand is such…

As I mentioned before, I doubt Pernida is done yet, especially with Kenpachi there and not having done much of anything for this fight. Mayuri’s overconfidence in his madness may get the better of him and open a blind spot which Pernida can exploit to escape Ashisogi’s mouth. Pernida isn’t the left hand of the Soul King for no reason and because of that I just don’t see it being as weak as Kubo has currently illustrated it. Kenpachi will definitely be needed to take out Pernida.

Nemu, what is Kubo trying to illustrate via her reaction? Just what role does Nemu serve in regards to Mayuri and Kubo’s intention with this fight? Is Nemu really uncomfortable with some of the things Mayuri does? Does Nemu not like the heartlessness of Mayuri when it surfaces, such as in the current battle. Well whatever the case, I am looking forward to the next chapter.

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