One Piece Chapter 796 – Escaping The Marines

One Piece chapter 796 - Kyros's decision

Oh Kyros…the country is ready to accept you

With the cast of the die signalling Luffy and Law’s capture, the Marines finally begin their pursuit of the heroes of Dressrosa. With three days having passed since the battle against the Donquixote Pirates ended, Luffy has finally recovered and is now in state to follow Sanji and Co., but first, some unfinished business to deal before leaving Dressrosa. With the arc a chapter or two away from concluding, it will be incredibly interesting to see what Luffy ends up doing before leaving Dressrosa, especially with him now being regarded as Dressrosa’s hero by all the citizens.

One Piece chapter 796 - Sengoku and Tsuru

On duty with holiday clothes, how chill Sengoku

Sengoku’s arrival was amazing, the chill and easy-going nature of him now is such a refreshing look for him, considering two years ago, he literally had the world on his shoulders. With that burdened transferred over to Sakazuki, it seems life has become a much more pleasant adventure for Sengoku and despite his hair greying out, he doesn’t seem to be stressing out about life – I suppose all his past stress caught up with him. It is surprising honestly, Sengoku and Garp are more alike than I had previously thought. I wonder if the two hang out much lately. Sengoku laughing at Isshou’s gesture of holding up a die was gold, he would never had done that if he were still Fleet Admiral.

King Riku really has been through a lot and with all he has had to endure for the past ten years, he seems to have become doubtful as to his qualification of being a King. Thankfully he has a strong ally in King Elizabello II and still believes in Riku and the King he can be, despite the events of the past ten years. Elizabello believe King Riku and not only help Dressrosa by being King but the surrounding nations as well.

One Piece chapter 796 - Rebecca

Rebecca really does bear an uncanny resemblance to her mother…she is even wearing the same dress Scarlet once wore

Rebecca being next in line to become Queen was interesting, especially since she wasn’t raised in such ways with the arrival of Doflamingo ten years ago, but ultimately Rebecca was born as royalty and it is fitting for her to eventually take the throne. I suppose it is a shame she won’t partake in the Corrida Colosseum anymore as she did have a certain talent for being a gladiator, albeit against the norm, but her style of fighting was representative of Dressrosa.

Kyros hiding his existence as Rebecca’s father behind false rumors of a reality he believes the people seek to hear is quite narrow-minded on his part. I get that Kyros is sensitive of the darkness inside of him and of his tainted past, but arbitrarily deciding on what’s best for Rebecca and the citizen’s is just selfish. After everything Rebecca and the nation have been through, they at the very least should have some say in the matter. The people of Dressrosa aren’t so concerned about status and royalty as they were in the past, especially after Doflamingo. Doflamingo had the blood to rule Dressrosa, especially since his ancestors were its initial rulers, but the people chose and they chose to reject him as their king. They chose a fallen king over Doflamingo.  They chose peace over wealth and status.  They chose freedom over power. Dressrosa has changed, the people have changed, Rebecca has changed and Kyros too much change along with them.

One Piece chapter 796 - Luffy

Luffy is definitely going to do something…

Kyros believes severing any connection he has with Rebecca and leaving her to become a princess is what will make her happiest, but that is so wrong. What Rebecca has fought for since she made the decision to enter the Corrida Colosseum was for Kyros and to be with him. Rebecca was not aware at that time that Soldier-san was her father, but irrespective of that, she has put her life at risk just to have a future where she can live with him. That to her is a future in which will lead to a lifetime of happiness, not one which see’s Kyros removing himself from her life.

Kyros needs to rise above his own insecurities and become the father Rebecca desires to live her life with. Fortunately for Kyros, we have a catalyst ready to make sure Kyros does just that and it has taken the form of the hero of Dressrosa, Monkey D. Luffy. Luffy didn’t buy any of Kyros’s justifications for why he doesn’t deserve to be with Rebecca and thankfully Luffy is the sort of person who reacts when he doesn’t agree with something. One way or another, Dressrosa is going to find out the truth regarding Scarlet, Kyros and Rebecca and they will not mind it. Dressrosa is ready to accept the truth regarding Kyros.

One Piece chapter 796 - Bartolomeo

A laser beam of epicness…I just lost…you are awesome Bartolomeo

It is going to be interesting to see whether any of the allies introduced this arc will travel with the Straw Hat Pirates as they journey towards Zo in hopes of regrouping up with the Curly Hat Pirates. Or will the Straw Hat allies be the distraction needed for Luffy and Law to escape capture from Isshou? I am also wondering about the ship Bartolomeo stated was prepared for the Straw Hat Pirates, so much could go wrong with the Marines now after them and likely something will. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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