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Bleach Chapter 638 – Mayuri VS Pernida

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Bleach chapter 638 - Pernida

The schemes of the twisted…

Somehow this battle seems so fitting with two twisted existences beyond the boundaries of logic going at it. The Left Arm of the Soul King deluded by individuality and the insanity of the Gotei 13 known as Mayuri driven by the curiosity of his own delusion. With each unexpected development, each has a counter ready to get on the others nerves, and for Pernida, quite literally. The victor will definitely be the one who doesn’t run out of surprises first.

I can’t decide what is more terrifying; Mayuri’s scientific madness or his egoistic fascination, especially when met with a creation blurring the boundaries of impossible. What does seem apparent though is Mayuri’s ability to approach the unexpected and slowly dissect it into a form capable of being rationalised.

With Pernida matching Mayuri scheme for scheme, I wonder what else Mayuri has up his sleeve now to combat the manipulating abilities of Pernida’s nerves. He has managed to server a finger but with Pernida’s eye opening on the finger, it seems Mayuri’s plan to isolate one sample for his research ended just as it began.

Potentially Kenpachi may come into play now, particularly with him being used by Mayuri to create an opening for Mayuri to land a decisive blow on Pernida and change the flow of the battle. With every crack and opening Pernida exposes, Mayuri will be there ready to exploit it and with Pernida now short a finger, Mayuri may definitely exploit that opening. It will be interesting to see how the battle climaxes and concludes and what exact role Juhabach intended Pernida to play. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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