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Fairy Tail Chapter 447 – The Return Of Laxus

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Fairy Tail chapter 447 - Laxus returns

He’s back!

Just when Fairy Tail find themselves with their backs against the wall, Laxus arrives with an electrifying entrance to tear it down blasting the arrogance of the Spriggan Twelve members back into their face. If the Alvarez Empire thought taking down Ishgar would be easy, clearly they have not crossed paths with a Fairy Tail mage before. With Laxus up to the challenge of silencing the hollow taunts of the Spriggan Twelve and matching their overwhelming power with his own magic, the battle between the two lands has just begun! Ishgar VS Alvarez. Fairy Tail VS The Spriggan Twelve.

I was expecting Natsu to unleash on Azir and colour his face with a hue of humility, but unfortunately Makarov intervened with a bit of fatherly love and prevented Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Erza, Wendy, Mest, Carla and Happy from doing much of anything beside being squashed. It was an expected move by Makarov being protective of his children, but with them having matured extensively over the past year, he will learn to be more trusting and reliant on them.

Fairy Tail chapter 447 - Azir's Sand Tsunami

That was…impressive

Azir’s display of dominant control over sand was fantastic, I honestly was not expecting him to have so much control over sand to the point of creating a massive Sand Tsunami to sweep across the land swallowing everything it consumes. For a second I was worried something bad would happen to Makarov, but just as I did, my concern was shocked into excitement with that oh-so-familiar flash of lightning. Laxus has arrived and he is ready to take on the enemies of Fairy Tail. The overwhelming nature of Laxus was spectacular, just how much stronger has he gotten over the past year for a wave of the hand to generate such massive amounts of lightning that it potentially threatened Azir’s lives to force August to step in and defend him. Azir is clearly putting on a brave front and deluding himself with his own arrogance because I don’t think he would have been fine if August hadn’t saved him.

Fairy Tail chapter 447 - Fairy Tail revived

Good to have everyone back together again! Time to prepare for the battle against Alvarez now

Fairy Tail are all back together now and with the Guild’s revival complete, the battle against the Alvarez Empires strongest has just begun. Will Fairy Tail seek the aid of the other guilds of Ishgar in the upcoming war against the Alvarez Empire and if so, how will they be highlighted in the coming arc. There is so much to look forward to, can’t wait for the next chapter.

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