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Fairy Tail Chapter 446 – The Desert King

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Fairy Tail chapter 446 - Fairy Tail VS Spriggan Twelve

Fairy Tail VS The Spriggan Twelve

What an interesting surprise, even with Mest’s intense chaining of teleports to get Makarov a fair distance away from the Alvarez Empire, Azir, the Desert King, still managed to follow the two via his sand to the main group. Seems like the Spriggan Twelve may have expected something of this nature to occur before Mest went in to save Makarov. Whatever the case, right now Fairy Tail have to battle their way towards the coast of Alakitasia where Mest can teleport the group within Sorano’s underwater vessel, Olympia, allowing them escape.

A shame Makarov’s year-long endeavors trying to construct a deal with Alvarez exploded in his face making him realise that the Alvarez Empire never intended from the beginning to leave Ishgar alone and in particular Fairy Tail alone. But fortunately for Makarov, his decision to dissolve the guild served to build meaningful experiences for the Fairy Tail members who have come to really appreciate what Fairy Tail means to them. Each of the members have matured in their own way and have taken steps towards the future they desire.

Fairy Tail chapter 446 - Erza

Well said, Erza =)

Just like Brandish, Azir is able to manipulate his magic on a massive scale and on top of traversing through the sand to reach Makarov and Co., he is able to wield sand to shape them into attacking beast and to reduce physical objects into dust. The terrain advantage Azir had definitely did help highlighting his magic, but thanks to the Fairy Tail mages being equally as capable, they manage to avoid being overwhelmed by his attacks.

Erza driving the magic four wheeler was hilarious, especially when she allowed the vehicle to utilise more of her magic in order to speed up. The lack of effect it had on Erza as it guzzled her magic reserves was quite fascinating, just how much magic power does Erza have stored for her to not to seemingly feel the effects? Gray and Lucy countering Azir’s giant sand monster and smaller sand beast respectively was badass. Contrary to what the Alvarez Empire believe, Fairy Tail is not as weak and incapable as they believe. Natsu made sure to give the memo directly to Azir as to just how dangerous Fairy Tail can be when they are threatened.

Fairy Tail chapter 446 - Fairy Tail evade Azir's Sand Monster

Even with Erza driving, that thing can still keep up, impressive Azir…

Natsu has been suspiciously holding his bandaged right arm for the past few encounters with the Spriggan Twelve members when they have appeared, almost as if his right arm is possessed and it is reacting to strong magic signals. Natsu seems to be holding himself back when his right arms seeks the contrary. I wonder just what is exactly happening with his right arm and why is Natsu so against unleashing? Even when countering Azir, Natsu when with his left arm instead of his right. Something definitely did happen to Natsu during the past year and I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that he is E.N.D.

Whatever the case, Natsu won’t be easy for the Alvarez Empire and neither will the rest of Fairy Tail. If they seek to challenge Ishgar, they better be prepared to bring it or else they will regret underestimating the Fairies and their miracles. I doubt Azir is defeated, at the very most knocked out, but based on the title of the next chapter, Fairy Tail will have to battle their way to the coast in order for Mest to teleport them to safety in Sorano’s Olympia. I wonder which of other Spriggan Twelve members will appear next to impede Fairy Tail as they try to escape. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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