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Fairy Tail Chapter 444-445 – Emperor Zeref

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Fairy Tail chapter 445 - The Dragon King Festival

Will be interesting to see if the Spriggan Twelve can even match up to Acnologia

What an unexpected development yet one which holds a very logical basis behind it. The reason behind the Alvarez Empire desiring Lumen Histoire is all connected to Zeref and his currently unrevealed reason or reasons for desiring it. Zeref is currently the Emperor of Alvarez, an Empire which he created solely for the purpose of countering Acnologia. Since the Empires conception, Zeref has been preparing for the Dragon King Festival, a festival where Humans, the Dragon King and himself engage in battle to see who will be the ultimate victor. Within that festival of survival, I assume Zeref too plans for the whole situation to further pull Natsu towards his role as E.N.D. Ultimately, what Zeref desires is to be killed by E.N.D.

Great to see the Crime Sorcière guild again, especially with the addition of the Oración Seis members a year ago. With their attention confirmed to be focused towards Alakitasia, we can expect the upcoming arc to be extremely important in the direction the future of Earthland takes and in magic in general. With Fairy Tail and Crime Sorcière now joined together against the Alvarez Empire, it seems likely that the rest of the guilds across Ishgar which we have been introduced to in the past will become relevant throughout this arc which will see the Alvarez Empire directly challenging Ishgar and their guilds.

Fairy Tail chapter 444 - Sorano, the captain of Olympia

With Crime Sorcière directly involved this arc, I am excited!

Will be very exciting to see the improvements other guilds have made during the past year when they come into focus again. I wonder if Blue Pegasus will joined Gajeel and Co. as they regroup up with Laxus. Personally, I am excited to see Sabertooth in focus again, especially with them possessing strength close to that of Fairy Tail’s, well the guild in Ishgar which can challenge Fairy Tail the most. I am particularly interested in Minerva and what improvements she has made over the past year, especially with her being one of Sabertooth’s strongest members, if not the strongest.

Fairy Tail chapter 444 - Erza deduces Brandish's magic

Interesting, so it was the manipulation of mass instead of a magic that deals with seismic manipulation

Regarding the Spriggan Twelve, it seems the members are made up of mages with high-ranking statuses such as King, General or Princess. I wouldn’t be surprised if the rest of the members are mages which also share similar statuses. This begs the question though, does Brandish share the same status or is she the odd one out in the group? It has become apparent that the Spriggan Twelve do possess immense magic abilities that can challenge Fairy Tail’s strongest, but I am curious how the subordinates in each of the twelve divisions fare against Ishgar’s mages. If a war really is about to ignite between the Alvarez Empire, Acnologia and Ishgar, it would definitely be exciting if all of the Ishgar guilds we have been introduced to so far are highlighted in that war.

Fairy Tail chapter 445 - Spriggan Twelve; Azir and Dimaria

War Princesses huh, I wonder if she can summon one of the War Gods =/

Zeref’s ultimate goal after being cursed by Ankhseram is to die and in order to see that happen, he has constructed the ultimate setting for the necessary players capable of ending his life to carry out that act. In order for Natsu to reach the potential which Zeref instilled in him through resurrection, certain events needed to unfold for Natsu to ignite the desire to perform such an act. Everything Zeref is doing is all to draw the power out of Natsu. The Dragon King Festival is just another event which Zeref has constructed to evolve Natsu further into E.N.D. Even his attempt to kill Makarov was to further instigate a reason for Natsu to come for Zeref.

Fairy Tail chapter 445 - Fairy Heart

For Zeref to want Fairy Heart, it must be incredibly important

I am curious to learn what Zeref has planned for Lumen Histoire aka. Fairy Heart, a magic said to be superior to the “Three Great Fairy Magics”. Fairy Heart most likely utilises the feelings of the individuals or those present to empower the magic able to be cast, similar to how the other Three Great Fairy Magic utilise feelings and bonds to empower it. Can Fairy Heart interfere with Zeref’s attempts to draw Natsu closer to his E.N.D. state? If so I can see why Zeref is so eager to claim the magic from Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail chapter 445 - Mest rescues Makarov

Nice work Mest!

Mest was quite the badass chaining up multiple teleports to get inside the Alvarez Empire, save Makarov, and teleport back out towards where the other Fairy Tail members were waiting. No wonder Mest was exhausted when he arrived at the location of Erza and Co. With Makarov free, I can see Erza and Co. retreating back to Ishgar to gather a force/alliance capable of standing against the might of the Alvarez Empire. Or I suppose Erza and Co. could explore some of the regions of Alakitasia, helping the readers get to know more about the world of Earthland and about Alakitasia in general. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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