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Bleach Chapter 636 – Zaraki and Mayuri VS Pernida

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Bleach chapter 636 - Zaraki and Mayuri VS Pernida

What else does the mysterious Sternritter have hidden beneath their twisted form?

The contrasting tactics of Zaraki and Mayuri against a mysterious foe with an unknown power really does create an interesting illustration of two captains personalities and the strengths the each possess. Zaraki via brute force and insane endurance and Mayuri through observation and the madness he possesses. One could argue that the two compliment each other and through Zaraki, Mayuri was able to deduce the enemy’s ability and possibly through Mayrui, Zaraki will have an opening to exploit to deal the finishing blow. Should be exciting to see what else Pernida has in store for the two captains and whether s/he can overcome the countermeasures Mayuri has for his/her ability.

Can’t help feeling sad that Pernida has been matched with Zaraki and Mayuri and that Yoruichi won’t be able to have her rematch against Pernida. I absolutely would have loved to seen Yoruichi highlighted in battle, a battle which she can actually come out victorious in. If Yoruichi is going to be highlighted in the battle against Juhabach, we know she won’t be the one to take him out – it will be Ichigo, so whatever abilities she uses on Juhabach, no matter how powerful, it will never be good enough (i.e. VS Aizen). Given that Yoruichi has barely been covered in battles throughout the manga, it would be insanely cool to see her defeat one of the top Sternritter, but with Pernida matched against other Shinigami, I really can’t see Yoruichi being highlighted in a battle against the other Sternritter before the climatic battle against Juhabach. Which is a tragic shame…not being able to see just how power she is.

Have to admit though, it was cool to see Zaraki attempt to brute force his way through Pernida and eventually rip off his own arm in order to prevent his whole body from crumbling in on itself. Silly of Zaraki to continue attacking Pernida, despite knowing what s/he can do, but I suppose if he didn’t and paused and thought about his next move, he wouldn’t be Zaraki. Fortunately for Zaraki, Mayuri is with him.

Bleach chapter 636 - Mayuri

Mayuri, you really are crazy…

So far Mayuri seems to have things under control with him having identified Pernida’s ability and how it functions. If things carry on the way they are, he will eventually defeat Pernida, but I wonder if Pernida has more hidden under his/her coat and whether s/he can force Mayuri to utilise the strength of Zaraki. Will be interesting to see how this battle concludes. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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