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Fairy Tail Chapter 444-445 – Emperor Zeref

Fairy Tail chapter 445 - The Dragon King Festival

Will be interesting to see if the Spriggan Twelve can even match up to Acnologia

What an unexpected development yet one which holds a very logical basis behind it. The reason behind the Alvarez Empire desiring Lumen Histoire is all connected to Zeref and his currently unrevealed reason or reasons for desiring it. Zeref is currently the Emperor of Alvarez, an Empire which he created solely for the purpose of countering Acnologia. Since the Empires conception, Zeref has been preparing for the Dragon King Festival, a festival where Humans, the Dragon King and himself engage in battle to see who will be the ultimate victor. Within that festival of survival, I assume Zeref too plans for the whole situation to further pull Natsu towards his role as E.N.D. Ultimately, what Zeref desires is to be killed by E.N.D.

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Bleach Chapter 636 – Zaraki and Mayuri VS Pernida

Bleach chapter 636 - Zaraki and Mayuri VS Pernida

What else does the mysterious Sternritter have hidden beneath their twisted form?

The contrasting tactics of Zaraki and Mayuri against a mysterious foe with an unknown power really does create an interesting illustration of two captains personalities and the strengths the each possess. Zaraki via brute force and insane endurance and Mayuri through observation and the madness he possesses. One could argue that the two compliment each other and through Zaraki, Mayuri was able to deduce the enemy’s ability and possibly through Mayrui, Zaraki will have an opening to exploit to deal the finishing blow. Should be exciting to see what else Pernida has in store for the two captains and whether s/he can overcome the countermeasures Mayuri has for his/her ability.

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