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Bleach Chapter 635 – The Sternritter Elite Four

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Bleach chapter 635 - Yhwach begins his sleep

With Yhwach asleep, Jugram gains the Almighty power of foresight

Finally we get to see Yhwach’s Elite Force in action targetting the Shinigami. With the four members splitting up and encountering different opponents, it will be interesting to find who the final opponent they will each fight will be. Will Grimmjow be able to take out Askin or will it take a combined effort with Ichigo and Co. to take him down. As for the other Elite Force Sternritter, they are beginning to show just why they were able to take out the Zero Division earlier in the arc. As for Jugram, looks like he has woken up with Yhwach going to sleep. I wonder what “future” Jugram saw…

I was wondering why Giselle and Liltotto didn’t accompany Bazz when he went to stop Jugram, and it turns out it was Bazz who forced them to stay behind. Unfortunately for Giselle and Liltotto, they decided to take on and Yhwach and were ultimately defeated by him off-screen. Giselle seemed dead and Liltotto most likely passed away when Yhwach decided to get back to taking his nap. Will be interesting to see how arc is affected with Jugram gaining Yhwach’s power for the moment.

Gerard, I wonder who he is going to fight…Kisuke and Co.? He doesn’t seem all that terrifying, but thanks to his status as an Elite Sternritter, he is implied to be very capable…

Askin…what a villainous rat, yet an ridiculously hilarious one. I can’t believe the style of fighting Askin adopts can be so effective in exploiting the pride of people. Grimmjow obviously is stronger than Askin, but thanks to the unique manner in how Askin approaches breaking down his opponent and exploiting their vulnerabilities, that gap in strength doesn’t really matter. Askin now has Grimmjow right where he wants him – immobilized and on the ground. I am curious to find out if Grimmjow will end up handling Askin alone or whether Nel or someone else will help him take down Askin. Whatever the case, Grimmjow definitely does seem to require some help at the moment.

Lille, he is destroying the Shinigami and smartly doing so from a distance without alerting them to his presence. Have the other Shinigami really not noticed their group growing smaller with the members lagging behind getting disposed of one by one? Surprising to see Hisagi disposed of by Kubo-sensei so callously. Even if Hisagi is not dead, thanks to the injury he just suffered, he is not going to feature in the remainder of the arc and get more focus. I wonder who else Kubo-sensei seeks to use as material to build up the current antagonist, hopefully it is just limited to the Shinigami. Would hate to see Ichigo and Co. be used to build up the antagonist when they are the characters that need to be focused on – given they are the main characters.

Bleach chapter 635 - Pernida

Mysterious is an understatement…What.The.Hell.

I honestly was sure that Pernida’s final opponent would be Yoruichi based on the earlier skirmish they had. Hopefully even though Kenpachi and Mayuri have encountered Pernida, they won’t be the ones who defeat her, I would love to see Yoruichi in action and finally be forced to reveal her zanpakutou, bankai and all =D. Unfortunately though, when Kenpachi is involved in a battle, it doesn’t really end unless he either defeats his opponent or he himself is defeated. Mayuri being there makes it even more foreboding. With the brute and the analyst matched against the Hooded Enigma, it seems possible that Kubo-sensei intends to have Kenpachi and Mayuri take out Pernida through a combined effort. The Kenpachi and Mayuri dynamic is fantastic, so I wouldn’t mind seeing more focus on them.

Bleach chapter 635 - The genius and the brute

The genius and the brute, what a classic combination – so conflicting, yet so fitting

Still I find it suspicious that Yoruichi was not shown to be with Ichigo and Co. when they split up to search for Grimmjow, so chances are if Kenpachi and Mayuri get overwhelmed by Pernida, Yoruichi may ultimately step in and take on Pernida. Yoruichi has gotten an idea over what ability Pernida is using (still assuming Pernida is female), so I do expect Yoruichi to be the one to take down Pernida. Looking forward to the next chapter.


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