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Fairy Tail Chapter 443 – Brandish μ

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Fairy Tail chapter 443 - Brandish 5

What a display of sheer power…

What a spectacular display of overwhelming power. With just a stamp, wave and stare, she utterly silenced any doubt in Alvarez’s military might and to top it all off she sunk a whole Island, albeit a small one, but still she sunk an Island! Exhibiting characteristics that border the extremes of severe and indifferent, one can’t help but be charmed by her apparent inconsistent and obscure approach to duty. At the same time as being unconcerned about what Fairy Tail does (leaving them alone to their own devices), she wholeheartedly conveyed the terror awaiting them down the path of their current destination they are traveling. It is a peculiar personality Brandish has, one which boldly stamps its identity within the manga over just one chapter. I look forward to seeing the types of personalities the other Spriggan Twelve have.

Looks like we will have to wait a little longer until we can see Laxus again and the changes he has undergone over the past year. It was surprising to learn that the Raijinshuu joined Blue Pegasus sometime within the past year, but I suppose they too needed a place to work and live. Juvia’s imagination of what she feared Laxus had become being influenced by Blue Pegasus was hilarious, you can always count on her for having an amusing overactive imagination. As for Elfman, poor guy, his life has been eternally scared with the sight of something truly horrific.

Fairy Tail chapter 443 - Brandish 1

Nothing like some mango gelato to begin the day…

Brandish μ’s introduction was such an effective icebreaker, from a scene overwhelming in seriousness with a character wielding magic power potentially reaching levels never seen before in the manga to having her nonchalantly stating that she desires to have some manga gelato only to find the stall completely destroyed. Brandish’s reaction to that tragedy was priceless and instantaneously melted my heart to actually begin caring about her and connecting with her as a character.

Fairy Tail chapter 443 - Brandish 2

Poor Brandish, no more mango gelato ='(

Brandish’s indifferent side is such a charming aspect to her personality, a side which draws the reader in and induces them to want to know more about her. Why does Brandish not enjoy tedious things? And why was she so lenient on Fairy Tail when her mission surrounded stopping them? Brandish is not your typical antagonist and because of that, you find yourself becoming interested in her character and actions. In so far as Brandish threatened Fairy Tail, she also helped in confirming the type of enemy they were up against in their mission to rescue Makarov. From a certain perspective, Brandish has given Erza and Co. a new level of clarity in their approach of going against the Alvarez Empire.

Fairy Tail chapter 443 - Brandish 6

Brandish set up the Spriggan Twelve fantastically

The massive level of magic power Brandish wields compliments her character so well in regards to her being an incredibly peculiar individual. She has the power to potentially challenge Erza and Co., but because she is not interested in such things, she finds that course of action incredibly tedious ultimately settling for just threatening Fairy Tail. She is suspiciously lacking in any intention to stop Fairy Tail and I wonder why exactly that is the case. Why go out of her way to display such a show of force and not hinder the enemy in any way possible. It is almost as if Brandish wants them to come and challenge the Alvarez Empire. And if that is the case, I wonder what the whole story behind her character is. For an antagonist to be so likable and interesting, I can’t wait to see what Mashima-sensei has planned for her in the future chapters.

Fairy Tail chapter 443 - Brandish 4

She is just getting more interesting by the panel…

Natsu and Erza didn’t seem all that terrified by Brandish’s level of magic power, Natsu even going so far as getting ready to challenge her. Brandish may be incredibly powerful, but I doubt Natsu, Gray and Erza are that far behind in magic power, if behind at all. Natsu and Erza most definitely can take on a Spriggan Twelve level opponent themselves and most likely will in this arc. Despite the warning they have gotten, I don’t see Fairy Tail backing off from saving Makarov, they will bring it and bring it hard!

Marin disappearing was a surprise, but I wonder if Brandish killed him or sent him to some other dimension? Brandish doesn’t seem the killer type so I am more inclined to believe the latter possibility.

Fairy Tail chapter 443 - Brandish 3

Well dam…

With Fairy Tail now aware of the level of opponents they are up against, I wonder if Erza will seek aid from the others guilds within Fiore, namely ones which she has a close connection with. With war most likely inevitable, Erza will play a key role in creating a force to stand against massive Alvarez Empire. The Alvarez Empire don’t seem to be mere pushovers and potentially several of the characters within the Alvarez Empire may have significant roles stretching into the future arcs of Fairy Tail. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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