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Bleach Chapter 634 – Goodbye My Friend

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Bleach chapter 634 - friend

We have really come to care about these two characters and the friendship they share…

The way the past of Jugram and Bazz are intertwined into the climax of their fight to reflect their pathing beliefs once entering the Sternritter completely heightens the meaning and significance of the fight. We have come to care about the relationship Bazz and Jugram share over the last few chapters and even though we had known that this fight can only end one way, we have still come to open ourselves to the hard decision Jugram had to make in the end. The two may have been on opposite ends for this fight, but in the end, despite the result, they were still friends…

Bazz really did respect and value Jugram’s company. He may have been sour at the fact that Jugram was chosen to be Yhwach’s right hand, but beyond that ego and once his desire for vengeance is stripped away, you can tell that Bazz always thought of Jugram as a good friend. Jugram himself, while harder to read, within his silence and solidarity, you can tell that through his actions of always looking out for Bazz, that he too felt feelings of friendship for their bond. Raising his sword up now to stop Bazz must have been a hard decision to arrive at for Jugram.

Just what does Jugram seek to achieve? Is he really representative of Yhwach’s shadow or does Jugram have his own agenda, one which involves the initial desire Bazz and he shared? The omittance of Jugram’s inner thoughts has me wondering if Kubo-sensei has intentionally blurred Jugram’s character in order to surprise us later. For now though, it seems Jugram is completely loyal to Yhwach.

Bleach chapter 634 - Bazz and Jugram 2

Memories of their beginning

Couldn’t help but feel saddened at the fact that two friends were caught up in such an unfortunate situation. Bazz and Jugram were portrayed as such close friends in the past but the differences in their existences saw them being cast towards opposite ends of their desires and goals.

What exactly did Jugram feel when he had to end Bazz? His silence and portrayal of maintaining it indicates sadness, but I would really like to know exactly what Jugram felt when he had to follow through with his decision. It is very likely that Jugram will be Uryuu’s opponent in the end so I am very much looking forward to that battle when it arrives.

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