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Fairy Tail Chapter 442 – The Threat Of Alvarez

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Fairy Tail chapter 442 - Manga Gelato store

I feel like some mango gelato now…

Well that didn’t take long, a Spriggan Twelve member appears! And here I was wondering if we would have to wait until Alakitasia for the serious Alvarez Empire mages to show up. Looks like there is more substance to the threat the Alvarez Empire poses than I had initially surmised. I doubt Natsu and Co. will end up defeating a Spriggan Twelve member so soon in this arc, so I am curious to see what Erza and Co. will do once they find a way to escape from Marin’s space magic – surely the threat the Spriggan Twelve members represent for Fairy Tail in this arc is an element central to its story. Once Marin is defeated, I can see Erza and Co. escaping Brandish. Was not expecting the arc to get so serious so fast, but I am glad Mashima-sensei is utilising these “quiet” moments to create a more impacting introduction to the Spriggan Twelve. Marin set the tone nicely with his abilities in manipulating space magic. Neither Mest, Erza or Lucy could utilise their space magic due to Marin’s manipulation over it. Ultimately, the three were caught off-guard by his abilities and the conditional effect of “edicts of space”. While the three of them utilise space magic, they only use it as a medium to draw out their actual magic, save Mest when he teleports. If Marin was to come up against an opponent who utilises space magic directly to attack and defend, I wonder exactly how he would fair.

Fairy Tail chapter 442 - Erza pissed

Such a shame we didn’t get to see Erza unleash on Marin…lucky boy…

Marin would make a great opponent for Minerva to showcase the extent to which she has grown over the past year. Minerva is an expert space magic user and with her Territory Magic, I seriously do not see Marin standing up against it let alone manipulating it – Marin just doesn’t seem to be as skilled a mage as Minerva. A shame Minerva hasn’t been shown to be on Caracolle Island, if she were on the Island, it would make a great scene to see her save Erza this time.  Minerva would be able to bring Erza and Lucy back from their one way trip to Marin’s dimension. With Marin’s revealing himself to be an annoyingly grating character, I wonder if Mashima-sensei has plans for Marin to be defeated – punched in the face – in the next few chapters, or whether Marin’s has a more significant role than just getting Brandish pissed off at Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail chapter 442 - Marin

Hopefully a real space magic mage arrives soon to put Marin in his place!

Brandish, a member of the Spriggan Twelve, revealing herself already is an exciting development. With Mashima-sensei making it apparent that the Spriggan Twelve possess monstrous magic power, it will be very interesting to see how Fairy Tail escape the situation they are currently in along with their informant. I doubt a Spriggan Twelve member will be defeated so early on in the arc, but with Brandish as their opponent, they will really have to become ninjas to escape her. The title of the next chapter which I assume relates to Brandish – “then the ground vanished” – conveys quite the foreboding feeling of dread for what is about to come. Brandish is hinted to having quite the destructive ability, possibly seismic in nature.

The mango gelato owner losing his shop was such tragic development, I feel so sorry for the guy and the massive dream he had driving his passionate self – to spread mango gelato throughout Ishgar! I see now the true form of the Alvarez Empire, how heartless and sadistic they can be. What despicable monsters of desserts! Hopefully the mango gelato owner can start-up his business again with the money Gray gave him, it would be too tragic if he wasn’t able to continue that moving dream of his. Lets hope we see that guy again in the future and hopefully by then he has a few “mango gelato” branches opened up in Ishgar. Dream big my friend!

Fairy Tail chapter 442 - Spriggan Twelve, Brandish

Spriggan Twelve, Brandish – she seems dangerous

Anyway, Marin stating that he sent Erza and Lucy to a “one way trip” to his dimension is such a laughable concept. Of course it isn’t “one way”, Erza and Lucy will find their way back eventually. Still I hope Minerva has a hand in helping them once she defeats Marin. With Minerva around, I am sure even Fairy Tail can escape from Brandish – unless she is the informant…can’t be can it? Very much looking forward to the next chapter and seeing what exactly will do down with the entrance of a Spriggan Twelve member.

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