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Fairy Tail Chapter 442 – The Threat Of Alvarez

Fairy Tail chapter 442 - Manga Gelato store

I feel like some mango gelato now…

Well that didn’t take long, a Spriggan Twelve member appears! And here I was wondering if we would have to wait until Alakitasia for the serious Alvarez Empire mages to show up. Looks like there is more substance to the threat the Alvarez Empire poses than I had initially surmised. I doubt Natsu and Co. will end up defeating a Spriggan Twelve member so soon in this arc, so I am curious to see what Erza and Co. will do once they find a way to escape from Marin’s space magic – surely the threat the Spriggan Twelve members represent for Fairy Tail in this arc is an element central to its story. Once Marin is defeated, I can see Erza and Co. escaping Brandish. Continue reading