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One Piece Chapter 792 – The Rightful King

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One Piece chapter 792 - Isshou's apology to Dressrosa

Despite his lack of action during the arc, Isshou desperately wanted to help stop Doflamingo

What a surprising gesture by Isshou and the Marines towards King Riku and the whole of Dressrosa whom have suffered because of the World Governments lack of control over the Shichibukai. Doflamingo was able to exploit the Shichibukai system and blackmail the World Government to turn a blind eye to the dealings and shady activities he had going on. It was because of that power that the people of Dressrosa have suffered so greatly for the past ten years. Isshou realises this and through his actions of expressing his sincere regret and sorrow, he is attempting to mend the relationship between the rightful king of Dressrosa, King Riku Dold, and the World Government.

Isshou may have kept himself as neutral as possible for as long as possible during the arc, but I am glad that in the very end when the true evil has been revealed, he recognises the need to own up to the suffering caused and make steps towards bridging the gap opened up by the actions of the World Government ignoring the pain of Dressrosa for ten long years.

One Piece chapter 792 - announcement

Looks the like neighboring countries have been informed on the situation in Dressrosa

Where the Marines could do nothing but observe as a Shichibukai crushes a nation under his heel, it took a pirate to stop the unspeakable atrocities being committed and to put an end to Doflamingo. Because of the unique relationship the Shichibukai has with the Marines and the World Government, the latter two powers are in a vulnerable position of being unable to do anything against the former power unless the overall relationship the three powers share is disrupted. Because Doflamingo is a Shichibukai, the Marines could do nothing but observe and offer minimal support to Dressrosa and the Riku Family. Isshou knows with the Marines help, they could have stopped Doflamingo sooner, but because of the unique relationship the Shichibukai has with them, he and the rest of the Marines chose to leave Doflamingo to a pirate.

Isshou is aware of what the World Government and the Marines represent and because he failed to protect those deserving and in need of his protection, he has prostrated himself in front of Dressrosa’s rightful king in search for the nations forgiveness. With such a gesture, I don’t see Isshou labeling any of the Riku Family members as villains to the tragedy of Dressrosa. Isshou rejects King Riku’s view that he is an unworthy king and I don’t see Isshou placing a bounty on Viola’s head for joining the Donquixote Pirates in order to protect her father and family. Despite what Viola has done over the past ten years, Isshou will not allow her to be treated the same as Doflamingo and the rest of the Donquixote Pirates. Isshou’s justice may be blind, but he is still a man of justice.

Burgess trying to bait Sabo into an off-guard position was hilarious, clearly Burgess didn’t get the memo that he was out of his league in dealing with Sabo. I find it entirely amusing that despite Burgess being one of the main members of a Yonko crew, he was disposed of easily by Sabo. Either Sabo is drastically stronger that I had expected or Burgess is much weaker than I had given him credit for. Whatever the case, Burgess using Blackbeard’s name to sound all tough and dangerous confirmed just how lacking he currently is. Using underhanded methods to get what they want is certainly consistent with their captains style of piracy and living, so Burgess getting easily thrashed by Sabo made his defeat so much more satisfying and memorable.

One Piece chapter 792 - Sabo defeats Burgess

Oh Burgess, you deserved that…

Burgess’s role within the manga is definitely not over, but now with him already being defeated by Sabo, it will be interesting to see which one of the Straw Hats is matched-up against him for the final battle near the end of One Piece.

Very interested to find out what the exact consequences of Doflamingo being defeated will be. Based on this chapter, we can already see from the number of den den mushi calls for King Riku that the neighboring countries are delighted with the news that the Miracle King, Riku Dold, is back. It is going to thrilling to see the waves King Riku causes in the upcoming Reverie and the support he will be getting from the whole of the Dressrosa and other nations agreeing with him. The World Government system has its problems and hopefully through King Riku, such problems can be voiced and addressed in the upcoming Reverie.

One Piece chapter 792 - King Elizabello

Well played Elizabello! King Riku is back!!

With the news of Doflamingo’s defeat and his connection to the underworld (as Joker), I am very intrigued to find out how the rest of the world will respond. Isshou’s gesture of apology to King Riku only added more excitement to see the reaction of the world once they find out what the Alliance between Law and Luffy have caused. What will be more shocking for the rest of the world is how big the Straw Hat Alliance has gotten in such a short time – Bartolomeo, Cavendish, Sai, and the rest of the Colosseum fighters that added the Straw Hat Pirates against Doflamingo and the Donquixote Pirates. I also look forward to see whether Oda-sensei will shift focus to the Swirly Pirates in the next chapter. Can’t wait for the following chapters leading up to chapter 800.

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