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Bleach Chapter 633 – Jugram Haschwalth

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Bleach chapter 633 - Jugram's ability

Interesting, so Yhwach’s existence is a state a Quincy can be born as

It is starting to make much more sense now, the relationship between Jugram and Yhwach and the understanding the two share. It may be due to the uniqueness of Jugram that he found himself unable to fully connect with another person and as a result always found himself out-of-place despite being with a friend. However, the moment Yhwach appeared and expressed an understanding of what Jugram was going through and felt, Jugram found himself instantly drawn to that understanding and connection. Through the similarity of the uniqueness they share, they have come to understand each other, and in particular for Jugram, he has found a place to exist – next to Yhwach.

I don’t get what Yhwach meant when he called Jugram his “other half”, but what I do understand is that Yhwach’s existence isn’t unique, Quincy’s have the capacity to be born with inverse abilities. Instead of being able to absorb the reishi and make it their own power, these particular Quincy have had their abilities inversed and instead are able to share their reishi with their surrounding. Eventually as those Quincy nurture the power that they gave, they absorb it back into themselves.

Bleach chapter 633 - Jugram and Bazz

Jugram has been unknowingly advancing Bazz’s power all this time they were together…

Because Jugram was with Bazz for the past five years in the flashback, he found his own abilities nurtured and fostered. Because of Jugram, Bazz was able to get as strong as he did. With Jugram sharing the same inverse power as Yhwach, I am curious to learn whether Jugram has also ended up gaining abilities from absorbing the energy he nurtured in other people.

It has been stated that Quincy’s like Yhwach were born every few decades, ones with inverse Quincy powers, but once Yhwach was born, another one wasn’t born until Jugram. I wonder why exactly a span of 200 years had to elapse before a new Quincy like Yhwach was born. And if Jugram was born so far back in the past, isn’t it possible that other Quincy like Yhwach and Jugram were born during that time?

Bleach chapter 633 - The Inverse Quincy

The Inverse Quincy huh?

I wonder if Ichigo shares such a trait regarding his Quincy powers. Were Sado and Inoue able to unlock their potential because of being in Ichigo’s presence? It is unusual that Ichigo’s Quincy power weren’t unlocked until he was imprisoned in a Quincy cell, but I suppose rather than being the same as Yhwach and Jugram, Ichigo’s Quincy powers may have just been dormant and needed that extra push to awake it.

Bleach chapter 633 - Jugram and Bazz 2

How will it end for these two friends?

With this flashback over, it makes sense why Bazz wasn’t chosen to be in Yhwach’s Elite Force – having someone who wants to kill you close to you may not be the smartest thing in the world to do. With their fight continuing and on its way to concluding, I am very interested in seeing what Jugram is going to do when he eventually overpowers Bazz. Will Jugram show some form of sympathy for the former friendship they used to share or will he unhesitatingly finish off Bazz for targeting Yhwach? With Jugram’s importance revealed, Uryuu’s role in assisting Ichigo becomes that much more important and necessary.

What exactly is Uryuu up to and does he have a plan to stop both Yhwach and Jugram? Overall, this was an enjoyable flashback. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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