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One Piece Chapter 792 – The Rightful King

One Piece chapter 792 - Isshou's apology to Dressrosa

Despite his lack of action during the arc, Isshou desperately wanted to help stop Doflamingo

What a surprising gesture by Isshou and the Marines towards King Riku and the whole of Dressrosa whom have suffered because of the World Governments lack of control over the Shichibukai. Doflamingo was able to exploit the Shichibukai system and blackmail the World Government to turn a blind eye to the dealings and shady activities he had going on. It was because of that power that the people of Dressrosa have suffered so greatly for the past ten years. Isshou realises this and through his actions of expressing his sincere regret and sorrow, he is attempting to mend the relationship between the rightful king of Dressrosa, King Riku Dold, and the World Government.

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Bleach Chapter 633 – Jugram Haschwalth

Bleach chapter 633 - Jugram's ability

Interesting, so Yhwach’s existence is a state a Quincy can be born as

It is starting to make much more sense now, the relationship between Jugram and Yhwach and the understanding the two share. It may be due to the uniqueness of Jugram that he found himself unable to fully connect with another person and as a result always found himself out-of-place despite being with a friend. However, the moment Yhwach appeared and expressed an understanding of what Jugram was going through and felt, Jugram found himself instantly drawn to that understanding and connection. Through the similarity of the uniqueness they share, they have come to understand each other, and in particular for Jugram, he has found a place to exist – next to Yhwach.

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