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Fairy Tail Chapter 441 – Towards Alakitasia

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Fairy Tail chapter 441 - Fairy Tail Team A

I lost.

From the moment the concept of “infiltration mission” was mentioned, you just knew something would go awry and deviate the very nature of the mission. Fairy Tail just wouldn’t be Fairy Tail without a bit of spice to enhance the flavour of excitement attached to this mission. Although they started off so well fooling the Albareth Soldiers with their fake Guild Marks. A shame right from the very get-go the Albareth soldiers revealed themselves to be such villainous scum, would have loved for Erza and Co. to maintain their cover without incident for a bit longer, at least until they reach Alakitasia and the Albareth Empire. Oh well, Mest can still alter those soldiers memories and remove any trace of Fairy Tail from their memories.

The purpose of Lumen Histoire is very intriguing and so is the fact that Mavis’s body is sealed/frozen inside of it. Why was Makarov so afraid to use it against the Faces and why are the Albareth Empire so desperate to acquire it, so much so that they would create a united magic military empire. Makarov was willing to put his life on the line to ensure the Albareth Empire were unable to acquire Lumen Histoire. Lumen Histoire is clearly an important item and one which needs to be protected. Hopefully during this arc we get to learn a bit more about the purpose of Lumen Histoire and reason for why Mavis’s body in there.

Got to love how the story is venturing outside of Fiore and into the larger world Fairy Tail takes place. Very interested in seeing what Alakitasia looks like (landscape and architecture) and what sort of enemies Fairy Tail will be up against this time. What new magics will we see and how will Alakitasia be differentiated from Fiore. How important is the larger world outside Fiore and will they play a big part of the future story of Fairy Tail? With the world being expanded on now, there is hope that more of the Fairy Tail world will be expanded on in the future as well.

Fairy Tail chapter 441 - Fairy Tail Team B

Can’t wait until Laxus is reintroduced

Gajeel and Co. heading to gather Laxus is exciting, especially with Mashima-sensei holding off Laxus’s reintroduction for this long, one of the final members of Fairy Tail to be reintroduced after the one year time skip. Fairy Tail’s chances against the Albareth Empire are low, even with an infiltration mission, but I wonder how much better their odds with rise to once Laxus joins them, if he isn’t on his way to the Albareth Empire already.

Erza and Lucy using their feminine wiles to pressure the Albareth Empire soldiers into letting them into Caracolle was dangerous, completely and utterly dangerous. I don’t think any man could resist. Using a fake guild mark, well one which doesn’t exist anymore – Cait Shelter – did play a big part in lowering the Albareth Soldier’s suspicions towards them.

Fairy Tail chapter 441 - Fairy Tail strike

So that is the Albareth Empire…

Quite unfortunate that Fairy Tail wasn’t able to keep up their low profile with the Albareth Empire revealing exactly how sinister they can be – attacking a child. Even though Erza and Co. completely broke everything they promised not to do, I can’t blame them for acting on reaction and stomping those Albareth Soldier’s asses to save the child. It may not have been the smartest course of action, but it was a feel good moment, one which had those Albareth Soldiers begging to be thrashed. With the suspicion of the Albareth Soldiers completely on them now, I wonder what Erza and Co. are going to do now. Will Mest remove their memories of these recent events or will Fairy Tail get their agent and set sail towards Alakitasia?

Speaking about that agent, I wonder who exactly s/he is and whether they are a familiar face or a new character. Whatever the case, Caracolle Island is about to erupt into chaos, so whoever they are, they better find themselves into Fairy Tail’s care soon. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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