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Bleach Chapter 632 – Yhwach And Jugram

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Bleach chapter 632 - Yhwach and Jugram

Why does Yhwach need to have his being separated into two halves?

What a peculiar development, Jugram is the “other half” of Yhwach? What exactly is Yhwach and why does his very existence deviant from the “norm” everybody else embody? How did Yhwach go about creating a whole new branch of humanity and what are the origins of Yhwach? The very fact that Yhwach is such a unique creation leaves me incredibly curious. I get that Yhwach is the son of the Soul King, but what exactly is the Soul King? The Shinigami needed the Soul King’s existence to stabilize the dimensions from crumbling, but why in the first place did they need such an existence? Surely before the Soul King came into existence, the worlds held together fine, so what drove the Shinigami to requiring an entity like the Soul King to be the part which holds the worlds together?

It was interesting to see that from the very beginning, Bazz-B always intended to kill Yhwach, he just used to the Sternritter as a means to get close to Yhwach. The passion behind Bazz’s vengeance was also quite intriguing, I wonder if any other Quincy felt the same way as Bazz, well except for of course Uryuu. Jugram did follow the same path as Bazz, but I wonder if he truly felt the same way as Bazz. If Yhwach is right and Jugram is part of him, there may have been a part of Jugram that never truly desired to kill Yhwach. But I wonder why exactly Yhwach’s creation has ended up being split in two and requires a second existence to embody part of his being.

Bleach chapter 632 - Jugram

Every few decades? Do all the “incomplete” Quincy have some relationship with Yhwach or it just Jugram?

Will Yhwach being split in two end up being the weakness Ichigo and Co. exploits to ultimately take him down? And does Uryuu realise the unique characteristics of Yhwach? I am sure Uryuu is aware of the nature of the Yhwach and what needs to be done in order to create the opportunity to take him down. If any one can find the weakness between Yhwach and Jugram, I am sure someone like Uryuu can.

With Bazz’s and Jugram’s past on its way to its concluding, I wonder if Bazz’s role as a character has ended and whether after this flashback, he will be killed by Jugram. I also wonder where Giselle and Liltotto went – are they planning to get the jump on Jugram while he is distracted by Bazz? =/. Very interested to learn more about the origins of the Quincy and the unique relationship between Yhwach and Jugram.

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