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Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 122-123 – The Moon Banquet Festival

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Shokugeki no Soma chapter 123 - Souma's stall

Keeping things simple; smart Souma, very smart

How fascinating it is to see how Souma goes about approaching the challenge he has against Kuga and in particular, how Souma goes about deciding on the exact flavours to feature in his dishes that can stand up to and even outshine any of the dishes Kuga produces. The spiciness which Kuga drowns his dishes in ends up highlighting the deliciousness of the dish and creating an addiction inside the customer. Can Souma directly oppose such a flavor impact or does he plan on utilising the addiction Kuga’s dishes produces to attract customers to his stall. What ever Souma decides to do, he definitely does have a lot of cuisine variety to choose from to base his dishes around with Chinese cuisine as his cooking genre for this years Moon Banquet Festival. Can Souma do the unthinkable and actually defeat Kuga and the Chinese Research Society?

I can see Souma basing his dishes around the customers who leave the Chinese Research Society panting from the spiciness of the dish they had just eaten, but I wonder if balancing out the spiciness of Kuga’s dishes will be enough to highlight the exact worth of his dishes. Certainly Souma must have planned a dish which can outshine Kuga’s spiciness or at the very least make customers contemplate actually choosing the Chinese Research Society to eat in. China has a lot of cuisine variety, so I am intrigued to see what Souma ultimately decided on.

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 122 - The Moon Banquet Festival

Tootsuki Academy sure like it extreme

Souma and Erina’s dynamics are getting more amusing now, especially with Erina being more open with Souma relative to her prior cold self who couldn’t stand talking to him. She definitely did provide Souma with a lot of information and in a way is a key factor in him developing a dish/dishes that could potentially defeat Kuga this Moon Banquet Festival. It was also interesting to see Erina curious about Souma’s father, I wonder when exactly she will learn the truth that the person she dislikes the most in the Academy is actually the son of the man she admires the most. In that moment when Erina learns the truth, she will also learn that the world is truly small.

Megumi refusing the Polar Star Dorm and Local Cuisine Research Society invitation in order to join Souma and help him take down Kuga was great, very glad to see the both of them working together again. Comical of Megumi to see her reaction when she realised how brazen she was stating that she thought she might be of help to Souma. Megumi is timid by nature, but she can sure have her moments of boldness. Eager to see how the two of them approach the Moon Banquet Festival when they have to attract the customers away from the Chinese Research Society and towards their stall.

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 122 - Alice and Ryou join the Shiomi Seminar Booth

Oh, things have extremely exciting now!!

Alice was hilarious, I can’t believe she approached Akira is such a nonchalant manner to reveal that she is actually a part of the Shiomi Seminar’s Booth. All because Alice had a moment of inspiration and became motivated to compete in the Moon Banquet Festival after the submission reception desk was closed. In a sense, it is actually quite exciting to see Alice more interested in cooking and in developing her skills beyond gastronomy. The teaming up of Alice, Ryou and Akira will also be good for the latter two in developing their team work skills and attitude. Ryou can come to understand the importance of team work and Akira can actually learn to be less cold towards everyone not Shiomi. The Moon Banquet Festival can be a great developing arc for several characters.

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 123 - Alice explains the relation between the sense of pain and spiciness

Well colour me educated! Thanks Alice-sensei!

With many of the first years competing in the Moon Banquet Festival, I look forward to seeing how each and everyone one of them fair in their respective booths. Hopefully they can prove to the Elite Ten that they are cooks to be noticed and feared. Even if Souma and the others don’t end up earning more profits than the Elite Ten during the festival, I can see them attracting their attention after the event. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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