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Bleach Chapter 631 – The Origins Of The Sternritter

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Bleach chapter 631 - Bazz-B's promise

The creator of their sorrow and the target of their vengeance…

How peculiar, so Yhwach knew about Soul Society way back in the past, I wonder how exactly he came to know about it? Could it be possible that some of the souls which fragments of his own soul were attached to knew about Soul Society and as a result when those fragments of his soul returned to him, Yhwach gained the knowledge along with the aspects of that person? Well whatever the case, Yhwach has been targeting Soul Society since he was 200 years old. As for Bazz-B it seems Jugram and him came to mutual understanding that in order to kill Yhwach, they would have to earn his trust, well at least that is what Bazz-B believed. There is still something unknown about Jugram that I doubt even Bazz-B knew about, but I wonder what exactly it is =/.

Bazz-B and Jugram initial meeting with each other was amusing although somewhat intriguing as it seems there is more to the story than the two just befriending each other, particularly Jugram who seems to have quite the dark past with the mysterious person we were made to be aware of but not see at this point in time. There is clearly more to Jugram than he has revealed. Did Jugram even have an uncle? And did that uncle even die when the forest burned down? It doesn’t appear that Bazz-B was aware of that darkness which surrounded Jugram and despite the two living and training together after Yhwach destroyed their homes, I doubt Jugram feels the same way about Bazz-B as Bazz-B feels about him.

Bleach chapter 631 - Jugram's past

Who is that mysterious person whom Kubo-sensei doesn’t want us to put a face to yet? Yhwach?

Bazz-B most likely needed Jugram more than Jugram needed him due to Bazz-B seeming to want a friend to spend time with. Such a desire to have Jugram as his friend may have blinded Bazz-B to how Jugram truly felt about him, if Jugram felt anything at all. But I will go out on a limb and state that Jugram does care about Bazz-B but is burdened by the ultimate decision he has to make and is as such having to put on a cold front to keep the true purpose behind his current actions concealed. I doubt the time Jugram spent with Bazz-B meant nothing and I doubt Jugram doesn’t consider Bazz-B a friend as well. I am more inclined to believe that there are special circumstances forcing Jugram to behave the way he does, kind of like how Uryuu is currently acting as a loyal follower of Yhwach.

Well all that could be wrong and Jugram may in fact be completely loyal to Yhwach and does not any more feel anything for his friendship with Bazz-B. If Jugram ends up killing Bazz-B, I guess the uncertainty around Jugram will be answered.

Bleach chapter 631 - Bazz B and Jugram

Does Jugram really have the same end goal as Bazz-B?

Very interested to see what story Kubo-sensei has planned for the origins of the Sternritter and why Yhwach initially began targeting Soul Society. Looking forward to the next chapter and the continuation of Jugram VS Bazz-B fight.

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