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Bleach Chapter 630 – Jugram and Bazz-B

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Bleach chapter 630 - Bazz-B's past

The past which connects the two…

I have been wondering about Jugram for a while now and why he felt akin to Yhwach’s shadow. I guess that feeling held more truth to it than I had initially expected; once Yhwach “sleeps” (when night falls), Yhwach and Jugram’s power switches. The dynamics between Jugram and Yhwach’s power and relation does explain why Jugram is so committed to Yhwach and why Jugram also has such a large role in realising Yhwach’s goals. Bazz-B understands this and apparently he too shares a past with Jugram, someone he considers or at least considered a friend. With Bazz-B and Jugram’s flashback beginning at the end of the chapter, one has to wonder about the fate of the two after their battle and whether one of them will have to end the other.

Grimmjow, he sure got dealt one difficult opponent to deal with and that is just in personality alone. Askin is one complex guy, well given strangely annoying, but he sure does know how to get under ones skin. His whole style and body language rubs Grimmjow the wrong way in all the wrong ways. Once Grimmjow realises Askin’s ability, I am curious to find out how exactly he will end up dealing with Askin, that if Ichigo and Co. don’t provide assistance. Would be cool to Nel join in on the fight making the Arrancar face off against one of the Elite Force Sternritter.

Bleach chapter 630 - Grimmjow VS Askin

Oh Askin, you really do know how to piss the Jaguar off =P

Uryuu, I wonder who he will meet up with, if anyone at all, and what he actually intends to do about Yhwach and Jugram. One would expect Uryuu to have already realised that Jugram would be suspicious of him, especially if Uryuu has been able to keep up his act as a Sternritter member for so long. Once Ichigo takes on Yhwach, it seems likely that Uryuu will end up facing Jugram. Uryuu is perfectly aware of the power Yhwach possess but it does seem likely that Uryuu himself has a plan. Given Uryuu is a Quincy as well and that Yhwach was the reason for his mother dying, Uryuu must be aware of way to stop or at least weaken Yhwach.

Bleach chapter 630 - Jugram and Bazz-B

Were these two friends before they met Yhwach?

With the Jugram and Bazz-B’s fight beginning, I suspect we will find out how Jugram became the “shadow” of Yhwach. And with that revelation we may get to see a weakness within Yhwach, something which Uryuu could exploit to help Ichigo stop Yhwach. The very fact that Jugram is so worried about Uryuu suggests that there is something Uryuu can do which can pose a threat to Yhwach. I don’t see Jugram falling at this point until he encounters Uryuu again, so it does seem likely that after Bazz-B’s flashback, he may end up getting killed =(. Very much looking forward to the Bazz-B and Jugram flashback.

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