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One Piece Chapter 789 – The Hero Of Dressrosa

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One Piece chapter 789 - the recipient of Dressrosa's hopes

There are calling for you our hero! Time to end this!

With seconds separating the nation from utter annihilation, the whole of Dressrosa continues to drag on those few precious remaining seconds they have left in order to buy enough time for the recipient of their hopes, Lucy, to reach a state in which he can answer their prayers. Irrespective of Oda’s true intent, he certainly was successful in illustrating the eternity within the minutes and seconds covered in these past few chapters. Within those long ten minutes the whole of Dressrosa needed to come together in order to change the fates they so blindly became manipulated by for the past ten years.

Rather than have Doflamingo’s defeat flow naturally, Oda seems to be deliberately arranging his defeat to take place in a certain way so specific subsequent effects occur. One of those effects is making sure the whole of Dressrosa is aware of who exactly their savior is and that he too is a pirate – Lucy aka. Monkey D. Luffy.

If I ignore how over-dramatized the “destruction” of Dressrosa is, I actually find myself enjoying how the many factions within Dressrosa have come together to stand against Doflamingo and slow down the Bird Cage – from the citizens, to the marines, to the Colosseum fighters, to the dwarves and of course the Straw Hat Pirates.

Any changes that will rock the world after Doflamingo’s defeat will not only be the result of the Straw Hat Pirates efforts, but also be the efforts of each and every person standing against the Donquixote Pirates. Of course the Straw Hats Pirates will be recognised as the group responsible for causing any turmoil that will result from Doflamingo’s defeat by the World Governments but without the help of the whole of Dressrosa, the Straw Hat Pirates wouldn’t have been able to take down Doflamingo.

One Piece chapter 789 - Gatz reveals the true identity of Lucy

Thanks to Gatz, the whole of Dressrosa has found a reason to believe in the pirate Straw Hat Luffy

I suppose more so than this arc being about saving a nation or taking down a Shichibukai, the real purpose of this arc is to highlight the “strength” Luffy possesses that makes him dangerous to the World Government, possibly the most dangerous – his ability to turn those around him into his allies. Doflamingo did have a hand in causing his own downfall but if Luffy wasn’t there, the whole of Dressrosa wouldn’t have had a reason to act on their hatred for Doflamingo.

Special mention definitely needs to go to Gatz for being such a badass and distracting Doflamingo for mere seconds so Luffy could have enough time to complete his recovery. Thanks to those few seconds Law was able to switch Luffy and Viola’s positions allowing Luffy to prevent Rebecca from committing an act (manipulated by Doflamingo) which she would be traumatized by for the rest of her life. Gatz definitely had a big part in saving the two princesses.

With Gatz making aware to everyone on Dressrosa who their true savior is – their beloved gladiator, Lucy – and what Lucy has promised them, he has effectively destroyed any doubt and apprehension the citizens of Dressrosa had in Straw Hat Luffy and has in my opinion constructed one fine scene for our hero to enter in. Gatz may not be a Colosseum fighter but he definitely has the soul of one. It is going to be a shame when we leave Dressrosa, I will miss Gatz. His commentary and energy were inspiring.

One Piece chapter 789 - Luffy stops Rebecca

Destiny is calling Doflamingo…

With Gatz, Law and Luffy saving Viola and stopping Rebecca from cutting her down, Doflamingo is now all out of cards and all that remains is for him to face the wrath of the whole of Dressrosa which Luffy intends to convey in his next major attack. Oda has stressed through Gatz comments that Luffy will finish Doflamingo with a single blow and I see no reason to doubt why Oda isn’t going to follow through with that. The next major Haki-infused attack Luffy sends Doflamingo’s way (Gear Third punch?) will definitely be the final nail in Doflamingo’s coffin. With Doflamingo’s defeat hanging up in the air for so long, I certainly am looking forward to seeing his defeat and the eventual consequences that will result for the Straw Hat Pirates. Looking forward to the conclusion of the Dressrosa Arc!



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  1. 10 minutes: 4 chapters in one piece.
    in dragonball z 5-7 minutes: 20-30 chapters and episodes.

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