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Fairy Tail Chapter 435-436 – Zeref And Natsu

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Fairy Tail chapter 436 - Zeref

Rather than Zeref becoming a villain, he found himself having to play such a role

The strangest things really do occur when you least expect it. Definitely was not expecting an in depth look into Zeref’s past and certainly not any information on Natsu’s origins, but it all makes sense now, how exactly Natsu connects in with Zeref. I now understand why Zeref is fond of Natsu and why Zeref has cast himself into the role of being the annihilator of all humans. Zeref may not desire such an outcome, but the end which can be brought about by such an outcome warrants the need to follow such a path. Zeref wishes to die, but is unable to, the contradictory curse governing him has forced him to walk a path he may not want in order to reach a result he truly desires. The duty Zeref speaks of is of being a villain evil enough so that it inspires a hero strong enough to end him to finally appear – Natsu.

The precursor behind the darkness surrounding Zeref has been revealed to be the misfortunate fate he had found himself in when he was young. The death of his younger brother sparked a curiosity and intrigue inside his mind and driven by the desire to fully understand and comprehend the concepts of life and death, Zeref cast himself into the realms of forbidden magic without regard to the consequences that may result. Zeref through the study of revival magic and time altering magic found himself the target of a curse said to be the doing of Ankhseram, the God of Life and Death.

Fairy Tail chapter 436 - Zeref's desires

What Zeref truly desires…

If Ankhseram really is a entity that will be delved into further as Fairy Tail continues, it will interesting to find out where exactly this God will fit into the story and whether he will appear as a enemy at some point. With existence of God Slayers and War Gods, I wouldn’t be too surprised if more prominent Gods become the source of deeper misery for humanity later in the story after Zeref and/or Acnologia are dealt with.

Natsu’s origins was a surprise, did not expect him to be the deceased younger brother of Zeref who kept Natsu’s body preserved until the day he was able to carry out the revival. It makes so much sense why Zeref has taken such a liking to Natsu and has placed all his hopes in Natsu. Zeref desires to end his suffering and die, but being immortal he is unable to. In order to overcome the curse attached to him, Zeref has created his ultimate Etherias Creation which happens to be his resurrected brother – Natsu Dragneel.

Fairy Tail chapter 436 - Natsu Dragneel's origins

The origins of Natsu Dragneel

Zeref has chosen to become the villain for Natsu in order to motivate Natsu to fully explore the potential he possesses, the power which Zeref has imbued his revived body with. To Zeref, Natsu is his salvation. Zeref at his core has positive intentions but the end which he now seeks requires him to become the evil that threatens the world, Zeref regards this as his duty, the role which he is fated to play.

Fairy Tail chapter 436 - Zeref and Natsu

The bond which connects the two

Acnologia more or less understands this, or at least understands that there is a reason for why Zeref is waiting. Acnologia as stated by Zeref appears to be waiting for someone against whom he can truly fight, someone strong enough to challenge him. Unlike Zeref who wishes for death, Acnologia wishes to live, to feel alive. Through battle and with someone whom he can truly fight, Acnologia believes he will feel most alive and as such is waiting for such a time.

The fates governing Zeref, Acnologia and Natsu have begun leading all three to their eventual final battle, but what will be interesting will be the outcome that proceeds that inevitability. Once such a moment approaches, how exactly will it affect and alter the world?

Fairy Tail chapter 436 - Acnologia's human form

Beyond the Dragon, lies a man – Acnologia’s original form

Acnologia’s human form was quite striking and particular, I can’t help but be even more intrigued by him and his past now. What were the circumstances that led to the current events and was it really his desire for destruction and battle that brought the world and Dragons to ruin? If Acnologia really was looking for an opponent to seriously challenge him, I can understand why he would want to challenge the Dragons who represented the most powerful existences in the world. With Acnologia having encountered Fairy Tail three times now (including the time when he encountered Gildarts alone), has he become intrigued by the potential they hold in being able to seriously challenge him with time?

What does seem apparent after this chapter though is that both Zeref and Acnologia are waiting for Natsu to finally reach his potential. In their eyes, Natsu embodies the answer to their emptiness. Very much looking forward to next and finding out what the next arc will feature – the revival of Fairy Tail?

Also Gray hugging Frocsh was so awkward, I have never seen Gray make such an expression ever that I seriously began to doubt whether that Gray was real or an imposter. That moment was so weird. Still, excellent chapters this week.

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