One Piece Chapter 787 – The Approaching End

One Piece chapter 787 - Doflamingo disposes of the Gladiators

Didn’t think Doflamingo had that much energy left…

With Doflamingo consumed by his madness and rage, he seeks nothing but utter destruction and death now. Unable to chase after Luffy and tired of disposing the fodder standing in his path, he has decided to increase the contraction speed of his Bird Cage to bring about a premature end to the game he has tied Dressrosa and its people into. The hell he has envisioned for each and every single person standing against him is but minutes away and Luffy still unable to move and use Haki has found himself in a situation where he may be too late in liberating the nation he gave his word he would save. Will Zoro and the Tontatta help delay the Bird Cage long enough to buy Luffy enough time to defeat Doflamingo or will the miracle that helps save Dressrosa take another form?

With Burgess finally getting in on the action and confirming that the Blackbeard Pirates are targeting those with Devil Fruits, Sabo has stepped up to put a stop to him and whatever he planned to do to Luffy. With Sabo revealing himself as the Mera Mera no Mi user, he has attracted the attention and wrath of Burgess. Even though Burgess hasn’t at any point in this arc seemed capable of besting Sabo, I don’t think he in turn would be easily beaten by Sabo. Sabo has managed to get in a few hit on Burgess, but for the most part, Burgess hasn’t seemed terribly affected by his attacks. If this battle does continue to receive focus in the following chapters, I wonder if we will get to see what the contents in the bag Burgess has on his back is – are Devil Fruits really located inside it?

One Piece chapter 787 - Sabo VS Burgess

With an attack called “Blaze Dragon King”, you just know Burgess felt that

Beyond Burgess, the primary danger present within Dressrosa is the current king, Donquixote Doflamingo, and with Luffy unable to finish Doflamingo off, Dressrosa and its people are at the moment in an incredibly precarious position. The gladiators currently standing against Doflamingo are barely holding him off and despite their best efforts, Doflamingo is still able to manipulate the threads of his Bird Cage to contract faster.

The citizens are in a panic and until Luffy defeats Doflamingo all they can do is run and survive, but with the Bird Cage contracting more and more, there is only so many places the citizens can run to in order to save themselves from being sliced up. Even with the help of Zoro and the Tontatta attempting to slow down the contraction of the Bird Cage, Doflamingo still seems able enough to speed it up to the point where Luffy won’t have enough time to recover his Haki.

One Piece chapter 787 - the Approaching end

What was that which Isshou noticed in the sky? Seems quite important

If the Bird Cage’s contraction force is strong enough to drag hundreds of Dressrosa’s buildings along with it, will Zoro’s and the Tontatta’s strength really be enough to help slow down the contraction of Bird Cage by over a minute? At the moment it seems that they will need more help if they plan to drastically slow down the Bird Cage enough for Luffy to have enough time to defeat Doflamingo.

Will be interesting to see how the Bird Cage is delayed in order to buy Luffy enough time to stop Doflamingo and end the Bird Cage. Would prefer it Doflamingo is dealt with within the next chapter and if not, hopefully within the chapter after that. Very much looking forward to the following chapter.

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2 Responses to One Piece Chapter 787 – The Approaching End

  1. seekmsn says:

    the way doflamingo was wobbling looked like he’s staggering, no doubt he’s hurting bad, but more than enough to kill fodder. and yeah, whatever fujitora noticed may be some parasite strings doffy may be trying to attach to others or just something else. However, I think barto and the revived gladiators will try to help him with his barrier to do what franky and zoro are doing and push the cage back as much as possible. and Rebecca is on the run, I think she’ll try to confront doffy, which is stupid of her. overall, this situation is a lot like the fight with enel: luffy needed to hurry and defeat him or he’d destroy the whole island with his raigo move. I can see luffy begging gatz to move to doffy again and try to fight him while weakened.

    • Syphin says:

      Yeah Luffy will need to do some serious recovering within the next few minutes and once his allies buy him enough time to regain his Haki, he will immediately have to launch his final attack onto Doflamingo.

      Still, I am incredibly impressed at Doflamingo’s resilience and desire to live, he is making Luffy and the whole of Dressrosa work for their freedom and victory. If Luffy didn’t have so many allies, Doflamingo wouldn’t be the one about to be defeated.

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