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Bleach Chapter 626 – The Reborn King

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Bleach chapter 626 - Juhabach's new form

What an interesting form…

With Juhabach absorbing the Soul King, it seems he has inherited the purpose the Soul King’s existence embodied, which is serving as the being holding the universes in balance. With his newly attained power, Juhabach seeks to remake the world to his vision and desires, a world devoid of the reality the current one operates by. The obvious effect of Juhabach inheriting the Soul King’s power is the consequence that will result when he is defeated, that being the collapse of the balance of the universes once a being tying them all together is removed. It seems likely that with the defeat of Juhabach, a new character will become the Soul King (Ichigo).

This chapter was basically a set-up chapter for the inevitable conflict the main characters are going to find themselves in. With the team about to arrive at the Soul King’s Palace which Juhabach has begun destroying, it will be interesting to see whether there will be a Palace for the team to arrive in when they do open the Garganta. But more than likely Juhabach destroying the Soul King’s Palace is meant to drum up tension for the arrival of Ichigo and Co.

Bleach chapter 626 - Ichigo and Grimmjow

Looks like Ichigo finally see’s a side to Grimmjow he can relate with

With Juhabach gaining a massive boost in power, I am curious to see what he is really capable of. If Juhabach could enhance the strength of his Elite Force prior to absorbing the Soul King, I wonder what he is capable of now after absorbing the Soul King. Hopefully we get more powerful supporting antagonist if not more supporting antagonist. Would love to see all the main characters and Arrancar highlighted in this final arc. I still believe Harribel will feature in the remainder of the arc, so hopefully she also has an opponent to battle.

Still waiting to see what Uryuu is going to do, because obviously is going along with Juhabach in order to wait for the perfect opportunity to turn on him. It does seem likely that along with Ichigo, Uryuu will serve a key role in defeating Juhabach. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.


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