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Bleach Chapter 625 – Exploiting The Garganta


Bleach chapter 625 - hardcore coloring - by DEOHVI (http://deohvi.deviantart.com)

Time for the counterattack! – colour by DEOHVI

Well that was pleasantly surprising seeing many past characters brought back into the focus, especially the lovely Neliel! Nice to see Kubo-sensei using Riruka and Yukio again to set the foundation for the counterattack on the Sternritter. It did take me a while to understand the dynamics of the Garganta and how Kisuke went about exploiting the pockets of reiatsu, known as the Valley of Screams, within the Garganta to devise a way to travel within there. Using Riruka and Yukio to create a transport vessel, what a brilliant man Kisuke, there really is nothing he doesn’t have an answer for.

Grimmjow and his charismatic grin, it’s great to see it again and of course that language of his, he sure doesn’t hold back and exercise restraint on what he thinks. Was wondering how the two would interact with each other with this reunion and just as expected, Grimmjow wanted a piece of Ichigo. Fortunately for him, Neliel appeared.

Bleach chapter 625 - Neliel returns


Thanks to Kisuke creating a bracelet for Nel, she can now change into child and adult form at will. Hopefully with Nel now in control of her adult form, Kubo-sensei has a battle planned for her to feature in. Would love to see Nel and Grimmjow highlighted in a battle against the Sternritter in this final arc.

Bleach chapter 625 - Sado

Oh Sado, nice attempt trying to help clear up the situation

Sad to see that Harribel wasn’t there with Grimmjow and Nel, but just maybe she will appear later on, possibly with Ginjou and Tsukishima, hopefully…Would immensely love to see Harribel again highlighted in battle. Make it happen Kubo-sensei! Please!

The method Kisuke devised to exploit the Garganta and the pockets of reiatsu within to travel is ingenious. Thanks to him, Ichigo and Co. will be able to reach the Palace of the Soul King without having to expel any reiatsu. They will be able to counterattack against the Sternritter with all they have.

Bleach chapter 625 - Kisuke searches for Riruka and Yukio

Kisuke has been one busy man…

Would be great if Juhabach creates more enemies after he absorbs the Soul King in order to give all the current characters on Ichigo’s side an opponent to fight. As things are, there just isn’t enough opponents for the Karakura team, the Arrancar, the Fullbring, the Quincy and the Shinigami to fight. Juhabach creating more enemies with the reiatsu of the Soul King could easily change that and properly give each of the characters a chance to be highlighted in battle before Bleach ends.

Wonder what is going through Uryuu’s mind and how he intends to stop Juhabach from completely destroying everything. Is he waiting for Ichigo to lauch a more substantial attack on the Sternritter? Well whatever the case, Lille seems to be suspicious of Uryuu and has been keeping a close eye on him for a while. Looking forward to the next chapter.

2 thoughts on “Bleach Chapter 625 – Exploiting The Garganta

  1. What was Orihime worried about? was it cause Nel can become adult now and how attractive she is or jealous because of how close Nel gets to Ichigo thanks to Urahara’s device now? overall, great chapter, kubo is on a roll.

    • Yeah, Orihime is worried about her chances of being with Ichigo now that another attractive women is around him. It was a subtle way to reinforce Orihime’s feelings for Ichigo (love). That scene was very well portrayed by Kubo.

      Can’t wait to see how powerful Juhabach has become now that he has absorbed the Soul King’s power/essence.

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