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Bleach Chapter 623 – The Gate To The Soul King Palace

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Bleach chapter 623 - Kyouraku 1

Oh you tease Kyouraku…

Looks like Aizen won’t be bringing down the Soul King’s Palace…awwwwwww! I prepared myself for some fireworks but it looks like I will have to settle for Aizen chilling back in his chair some more, which is fine with me, as long as Kubo-sensei is holding Aizen (and his chair) back for something even more spectacular. The remaining Sternritter left in Soul Society appearing to challenge the Gotei 13 was surprising but Bazz-B quickly remedied that confusion and got rid of the growing annoyance called Nanana Najahkoop…what a name. Good work Bazz-B and glad to see you are utilising your free will smartly, Juhabach never once had any of his followers interest in mind.

Mayuri has created some interesting restraining technology, especially seeing as it can restrain the monster reiatsu Aizen has. That chair in particular, it is one fine specimen, so much so that I am beginning to wonder if THAT chair is actually the true villain of this final arc. Juhabach pales in comparison to what “the chair” is capable of and as a result has begun to fade from my memory in favour of my appreciation towards the chair’s perfection. Once Ichigo reappears, how exactly will he combat the chair?

Bleach chapter 623 - Kyouraku 2

What exactly do you have planned Shunsui?

BroNanana appearing was a surprise but the manner in how he appeared was completely unacceptable. I wanted to see Aizen overwhelm Mayuri’s technology and prove just how superior his strength is to Mayuri’s skills, but alas, a restrained Aizen had his reiatsu paralyzed by BaNanana. It was a sad sight to see someone as unimportant as Nanana be able to take Aizen out of action for a few pages…

It was even less satisfying seeing BlindNanana believe he had a chance against Kyouraku and even had the chance of taking out the rest of the Shinigami present as well. Thankfully Bazz-B did the reader’s a favour and saved us from having to endure another dragged out battle that could have ended in a few panels. Bazz-B, Liltotto and Giselle are now aware of Juhabach’s true nature and the manner he views them in – pieces to be disposed of when unneeded. The three now intend to assist the Shinigami in creating the reiatsu gate towards the Soul King Palace just so they can get the opportunity to meet Juhabach and destroy him for forsaking them.

Bleach chapter 623 - Bazz-B

Bazz-B putting the “badass” is totally badass!

Bazz-B, Liltotto and Giselle may ultimately be killed by Juhabach for going against him, which is sad, but at least it sets up some nice precedent for other Sternritter members to realise the truth surrounding Juhabach’s nature and leave the Sternritter before it is too late. Personally I am hoping for one particular Sternritter member to survive – Kubo-sensei for the love of the Soul King, don’t kill Candice. She was a very memorable character and I would love to see more of her in a neutral role (her thunder powers are awesome as well).

With so many enemies gathering against Juhabach, I am seriously beginning to wonder how Kubo-sensei will ultimately highlight each character. There are just not enough enemies for the all the characters on the protagonist side to be highlight adequately. With the betrayed Sternritter members turning against Juhabach, and the Fullbring users still to appear, who will Oda have them battle? Plus there is also the inevitable reappearance of Grimmjow. Will the Soul King’s power manifest into new enemies for the allies on the protagonist side to battle? Well whatever the case, it is going to be interesting to see what will happen in the next chapter.

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