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One Piece Chapter 783 – Beyond The Limit

One Piece Chapter 783 - Luffy reveals Gear Fourth

Gear Fourth is here!

We all suspected Luffy would at some point reveal a major power-up he developed during the past two years that allows him to surpass his limits and many anticipated that this power-up would take the form of a new gear – Gear Fourth, and alas with this chapter, we finally have confirmation that Luffy has indeed developed a Gear Fourth to push himself beyond his limits. In order to defeat Doflamingo within the hour and prevent anyone in Dressrosa from getting killed, Luffy has taken it upon himself to be the raging storm that blows away the darkness known as Doflamingo.

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Bleach Chapter 623 – The Gate To The Soul King Palace

Bleach chapter 623 - Kyouraku 1

Oh you tease Kyouraku…

Looks like Aizen won’t be bringing down the Soul King’s Palace…awwwwwww! I prepared myself for some fireworks but it looks like I will have to settle for Aizen chilling back in his chair some more, which is fine with me, as long as Kubo-sensei is holding Aizen (and his chair) back for something even more spectacular. The remaining Sternritter left in Soul Society appearing to challenge the Gotei 13 was surprising but Bazz-B quickly remedied that confusion and got rid of the growing annoyance called Nanana Najahkoop…what a name. Good work Bazz-B and glad to see you are utilising your free will smartly, Juhabach never once had any of his followers interest in mind.

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