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One Piece Chapter 782 – The Birth Of Evil

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One Piece chapter 782 - The seated executives obsession with Doflamingo

The four seated Executives helped to foster the “evil” within Doflamingo

What an interesting revelation, so the four seated executives were the ones who set Doflamingo onto the path of revenge and fed his perception of superiority. By swearing their loyalty to Doflamingo and treating him as a King, Doflamingo grew up with the mindset that he was chosen by heaven, chosen to be a superior being. Over time, the darkness inside him was able to embrace his madness and utterly consume him. The four seated executives may have helped foster the evil within Doflamingo in order to pursue their own ends, but ultimately it was Doflamingo who used the four to fuel his own madness and obsession. As Law told Trebol, they are just puppets who strings Doflamingo is happily pulling along to his choosing. Doflamingo became the subject of their dreams and used their obsession to further his own madness.

I had forgotten that Law never seen Luffy use Haoshoku Haki before, but it is interesting to note that the news of Luffy using it during the Marineford War didn’t spread widely beyond that. What is also interesting is the fact that Doflamingo never mentioned to Trebol that Luffy also has Haoshoku Haki. Doflamingo did share such information with Vergo and Monet, but it is interesting that he didn’t with Trebol =/. Did Doflamingo not want Trebol to doubt his ability with another Haoshoku Haki user running wild across Dressrosa? Well whatever the cause, Trebol knows now and continues to obsess over Doflamingo and how Luffy will never be a match for Doflamingo. I am not exactly sure how many Haoshoku Haki users Doflamingo came across in the past, but Trebol underestimating Luffy is a pretty stupid thing to do, considering Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates have caused the World Government and the Shichibukai so many problems in the past, arguably the most from the Supernovas of two years ago.

One Piece chapter 782 - Luffy attacks Doflamingo

What a spectacular combo of attacks Luffy!

Luffy unleashing on Doflamingo without rest and respite was a beautiful thing to behold, the barrage of Haoshoki Haki attacks being served onto Doflamingo created an exhibition of badassery from Luffy. Many may have doubted Luffy’s ability to take on Doflamingo, but that session of assaults conveyed the reality that Luffy can hurt Doflamingo, that Luffy can defeat the monster plaguing many people’s nightmares. Doflamingo may have been weakened slightly by Law, but regardless of him being in full health, Luffy would still end up defeating him. Right now, the battlefield is balanced with both Luffy and Doflamingo having suffered injuries. I can’t wait to see the two really engage at other without the distraction of Law and Trebol.

One Piece chapter 782 - Trebol's Beta Beta state

Is Trebol not a Logia? Hmmmm

Trebol’s interference, while annoying, wasn’t surprising, I had expected him to interfere in some manner or form to take out Law. What was interesting was the fact that Trebol may not be a Logia Devil Fruit user, he could instead be a Paramecia user, one which can create and manipulated a sticky substance. The fact that Luffy’s punches didn’t work leaves me wondering why – was the sticky substance comprising his coat not part of his body? If Trebol is a Logia, does he really produce an outer layer of sticky goo to act as his clothing and distort the perception of what his actual body type is? If Trebol is self-conscious about his body type it would make sense, but that in itself doesn’t make sense, why would a Logia Devil Fruit user do that? Could come back to the fact that Law has expressly mentioned that Trebol is a buffoon, so Trebol behaving like one would be right in line with his character…still I wonder, is he really a Logia? Can’t help but see Trebol as a slug and the outer layer of sticky goo being the shell slugs use =/.

Hopefully Trebol is dealt with in the early parts of the next chapter as he has become quite the distraction to the climax of the arc. His role appears to be exhausted with the flashback of the four seated executives helping unleash Doflamingo’s madness being revealed in this chapter. They all placed their fate in Doflamingo and sought to mold him into an avatar of evil of their choosing. Even though they rose Doflamingo up as their “King”, they still saw Doflamingo as their equal, as their family. In the end, Doflamingo made them perceive he was what they wanted him to be, ultimately, it was him controlling Trebol, Vergo, Diamante and Pica. One question that has been plaguing me since the end of the Punk Hazard Arc is whether Doflamingo really wants to become the Pirate King. Personally, I don’t think so, but after this chapter, the four seated executives did mention their interest in wanting Doflamingo to rule this sea (North Blue sea or the whole One Piece world sea?).

One Piece chapter 782 - Law overwhelms Trebol with his severed arm

With just a severed arm…

Trebol got so baited in by Law’s taunts, I can’t help but wonder how the Donquixote Pirates got so far into the Grand Line when their divisions were being led by such incompetent idiots (Diamante, Pica and Trebol). How weak were the opponents they faced in the past? Even with a half-dead Law, Trebol was still unable to deliver the finishing blow, instead it was Trebol who was the one caught off guard and overpowered…by a severed arm. I guess the main strength of the Donquixote Pirates came from Doflamingo himself. Got to admire Law though for his stubborn attitude and refusal to stay down. Even exhausted and practically on Death’s door step, he still has tricks up his sleeve.

The revelation of Trebol being a skinny guy was shocking to say the least, completely unexpected and jarring. The question of whether Trebol is a Logia or a Paramecia Devil Fruit user gets even more confusing with this, hopefully Oda will clarify this in the next chapter. If Trebol is a Paramecia user, Haki is not required to take him out. This could potentially open up an opportunity for Robin to take out a Donquixote Pirate member. If Robin does appear to help Luffy, I can see her saving Law and being the one to deal the finishing blow onto Trebol. Robin won’t have to worry about being able to grab Trebol if he isn’t a Logia.

One Piece chapter 782 - Law overwhelms Trebol's true form

Trebol’s true form…how unexpected…

It is obvious that Law won’t be killed this arc, especially after three prior “is Law dead” cliff-hangers. The most likely possibility is Law being saved by someone from the explosion, as for who it is, possibly Robin. I doubt Robin has some shielding ability to guard Law from the explosion, but she can sprout limbs to pull Law away from the blast area. I don’t think Sabo will appear at the top of the palace as Koala had called him to the area inside the Rampart Tower which is below the Palace, so I doubt he will be the one to save Law. I do wonder though if Law will be saved by someone else we don’t expect O.o. Very excited for the next chapter and for the Luffy and Doflamingo fight to continue.

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