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Bleach Chapter 622 – The Overwhelming Aizen

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Bleach chapter 622 - Aizen's force

Do it!

Ah, it is so good to see Aizen again, especially when we have a whole chapter dedicated to highlighting how powerful he is. I have never been a fan of the Gotei 13, maybe a few of the characters, but never the whole system and what they embody. The Gotei 13 are ready to create problems that threaten the whole universe and dimensions, but when it comes down to clearing the mess created by their ignorance, the only thing highlighted is the incompetence of the Gotei 13. For them to rely on a highschool boy, an exiled man and an imprisoned man to fix what they induced into reality, one (me) can’t help but feel unconvinced at their capabilities of being the “police” of the spiritual world. This is why I completely loved Aizen displaying his overwhelming power and burning it into the minds of the Gotei 13 just how weak and incapable they are. Bring the Royal Palace down Aizen! Show us all a spectacle of epicness.

Bleach chapter 622 - Kyouraki's decision

At least Kyouraki was smart enough to swallow his pride and ask Soul Society’s “evil” for help

Part me actually wants Juhabach to succeed at destroying the existence of the “Gotei 13” and the systems that have been built up over the millennia which did have a hand in creating the situation currently threatening the worlds. The Gotei 13 weren’t able to stop Juhabach a thousand years ago and I doubt they will be the one who will stop him now, and because of their inability to remedy the consequences of their choices, the world’s stability is on the brink of breaking down. The Gotei 13 need to change, including the perspective in which they view problems from. Rather than be overwhelmed by the fact they need a criminal to help them, they should be more concerned and disgusted at the fact that they are incapable of saving themselves. It is so easy to throw stone at others and judge them, but as the saying goes, ‘people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’ and the house called the “Gotei 13” is certainly representative of glass.

Bleach chapter 622 - Aizen's prison

That chair…overpowered…

Aizen did what the whole of the Gotei 13 can’t even begin to imagine doing, remedy the problem. With just one Kurohitsugi, Aizen got the Gotei 13 out from a very dark hole which is ironic as they were the ones who initially put Aizen in a very dark hole…until they came begging for his “help”.

Anyway, I am excited to see what Aizen is about to do and whether he will really bring the Soul King’s Palace down to Seireitei. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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