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One Piece Chapter 782 – The Birth Of Evil

One Piece chapter 782 - The seated executives obsession with Doflamingo

The four seated Executives helped to foster the “evil” within Doflamingo

What an interesting revelation, so the four seated executives were the ones who set Doflamingo onto the path of revenge and fed his perception of superiority. By swearing their loyalty to Doflamingo and treating him as a King, Doflamingo grew up with the mindset that he was chosen by heaven, chosen to be a superior being. Over time, the darkness inside him was able to embrace his madness and utterly consume him. The four seated executives may have helped foster the evil within Doflamingo in order to pursue their own ends, but ultimately it was Doflamingo who used the four to fuel his own madness and obsession. As Law told Trebol, they are just puppets who strings Doflamingo is happily pulling along to his choosing. Doflamingo became the subject of their dreams and used their obsession to further his own madness.

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Bleach Chapter 622 – The Overwhelming Aizen

Bleach chapter 622 - Aizen's force

Do it!

Ah, it is so good to see Aizen again, especially when we have a whole chapter dedicated to highlighting how powerful he is. I have never been a fan of the Gotei 13, maybe a few of the characters, but never the whole system and what they embody. The Gotei 13 are ready to create problems that threaten the whole universe and dimensions, but when it comes down to clearing the mess created by their ignorance, the only thing highlighted is the incompetence of the Gotei 13. For them to rely on a highschool boy, an exiled man and an imprisoned man to fix what they induced into reality, one (me) can’t help but feel unconvinced at their capabilities of being the “police” of the spiritual world. This is why I completely loved Aizen displaying his overwhelming power and burning it into the minds of the Gotei 13 just how weak and incapable they are. Bring the Royal Palace down Aizen! Show us all a spectacle of epicness.

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