One Piece Chapter 781 – Law’s Revenge

One Piece chapter 781 - Luffy stop's Doflamingo

Just badass. Purely badass

What a spectacular chapter; of course Law wasn’t dead, but to think he would mount such an intense counter attack on Doflamingo using his own life to create a vulnerability within Doflamingo’s perspective. Law’s ability to utilise the overwhelming effects of his Ope Ope no Mi is definitely master class and expressive of how powerful the Ope Ope no Mi is in capable hands. From Law catching Doflamingo off guard and landing his “gamma knife” to Doflamingo tanking all Law could throw at him and revealing the hidden use of his Ito Ito no Mi – being able to perform emergency medical treatment on himself, everything about this fight focused on in this chapter was amazing. But what truly made the chapter was the final page when Doflamingo attempted to end Law’s life and Luffy intervened stopping Doflamingo’s foot with his own, that just screamed badass, especially with the two glaring at each other with such serious intent. It is on, the real final battle has begun!

We now have a countdown for Doflamingo to be defeated in – an hour. Once that hour has passed, the Bird Cage would have fully contracted and have killed everyone Doflamingo deems unnecessary, which is pretty much everyone. Isshou is probably preoccupied with saving as many citizens as he can, so I doubt he will actually have any opportunity to stop Doflamingo, which is a shame, as if Isshou went to stop him, all the citizens would be free from the danger Doflamingo has created. Still, at the very least now when it is revealed that there are zero casualties from Doflamingo’s madness, we can take comfort in the fact that the Admiral did his job.

One Piece chapter 781 - Doflamingo's final plan

Looks like Doflamingo is ready to stop trying to salvage whatever he can from his Dressrosa operation and finally get serious

I am not sure if it was intentional or not, but when Oda was focusing on the scenes with the different characters around Dressrosa, he didn’t show Robin beside Rebecca and Kyros (Mansherry wasn’t shown as well). Was this deliberate by him? Does Oda currently have Robin ascending the palace towards the top in order to help her captain out? It would be seriously odd if Robin didn’t try to help Luffy out within the hour with so much at stake, especially with her being right next to the palace. It wouldn’t have been too much trouble for Oda to have shown Robin beside Rebecca, Kyros and Leo, so why did he not? I can’t help but be suspicious at Robin’s omission from that panel. It is possible that her role in this arc may not be over yet.

With Law currently exhausted and Luffy’s attention focused on Doflamingo, this would definitely allow Trebol a key opportunity to take out Law. Even if Luffy saw Trebol heading for Law, would he be able to shake off Doflamingo and take down Trebol? Somehow I don’t think so, Doflamingo is just too strong an opponent for Luffy not to have 100% of his attention focused on. If Robin was there however, Trebol wouldn’t be able to get to Law. There must be a purpose behind Trebol still standing, or least I believe there is (Oda could have so easily had Trebol disposed of by Law or Luffy before, but he didn’t). On the other hand, Robin could still be standing beside Rebecca and Kyros and Oda chose not to include her in the panel, but I wonder…

One Piece chapter 781 - Law's Gamma Knife

The moment Law had been waiting for

I was wondering how Law would survive Doflamingo’s onslaught last chapter and it turns out he used “Shambles” to change body positions with another person that looked like him (convenient) before Doflamingo unleashed the barrage of shots at “his” body. The thought did cross my mind last chapter, but I didn’t notice anything different with Law’s body during the chapter, or should I say, Oda didn’t allow the readers to notice anything different with Law’s body when Doflamingo unleashed the gun shots (that angle), so I didn’t really have a basis to support such a thought and inevitably it began one of the many thoughts lost within possibility. All I can say is well played Oda.

One Piece chapter 781 - Law and Doflamingo

The effect of “Gamma Knife”

Law definitely impressed this chapter, after everything he has endured, Law was still able to conjure up enough strength to carry out this last counter attack on Doflamingo, one which completely exploited the blind-spot in Doflamingo – his overconfidence. The fact that Law had prepared for a moment like that since before engaging Doflamingo, one can’t help but be in awe at Law’s tactical ability (and desperation). Law even went so far as being ready to sacrifice his own life in order to end Doflamingo’s. The hunger for revenge from Law was definitely palpable, especially from Law’s reaction when Doflamingo revealed he was able to reduce Law’s “gamma knife” effects with his Ito Ito no Mi – that “god dammit” when Law realised all that effort was for naught. Everything Law fought for and lived for since Rocinante died was for this moment, taking his revenge on Doflamingo.

Law’s lust for revenge and the power it holds over him makes Luffy’s current actions that much more meaningful. Rocinante didn’t want Law to live his life wishing for revenge against Doflamingo, Rocinante wanted Law to be free, to live free from any “chains” or “borders”. Rocinante fought and died to save Law from his past and from Doflamingo. Revenge will ultimately not “free” Law, as the only cage limiting Law now is the cage he built around himself and as such Law will have to make the conscious decision to set himself free. Luffy’s current actions and what he is about to accomplish serves the important role of echoing what Rocinante wanted for Law thirteen years ago – for him to truly be free. And because of Law’s need to be reminded of what Rocinante wanted for him, I feel Luffy being the one to take down Doflamingo is more fitting than Law having done so.

Luffy is finally ready to take on Doflamingo and I can’t wait to see how Luffy is going to express all the pent-up anger inside himself accumulated over the past two days onto Doflamingo. It is going to be incredible and spectacular and I am very much looking forward to the next chapter!

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