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Bleach Chapter 621 – The Enemy Of The Soul King

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Bleach chapter 621 - The Dark Curtain

Will the Soul King’s excess “power” serve a greater purpose than being a distraction for the Shinigami?

Did I just hear Jugram right that the enemy of the Soul King are the Shinigami? I was under the impression that it was the Quincy who hated the Soul King and reactionary acted to dispose of his existence – the “Quincy” blood in Ichigo. I can understand why the Soul King would hate the Shinigami if they were the ones who sealed him in order to act as the existence to balance the world’s, but why exactly would the Soul King not hate the Quincy for wanting to kill him? Did the Quincy originate from the “Soul King” or what? And if so, why would they in the first place want to kill him instead of free him? So much confusion…

Guess that thought at the back of the my mind that expected the Soul King to be a villain was somewhat right. The power which the Soul King cannot contain is escaping from his being towards Seireitei where “that power” seeks to dispose of any Shinigami “it” comes across. Does the power of the Soul King have its own “mind/will”? From the way the power manifested into a physical form, it seems such a possibility is likely.

I am not exactly sure what the purpose of the Soul King’s power attacking the Shinigami was aside from setting the scene for Aizen’s reintroduction, but I hope the Soul King’s power has a much more prominent role than being treated as a wall for the Shinigami to be distracted by until Ichigo defeats Juhabach. At least give the Soul King’s power a proper form, i.e. not a mass of baby-looking things. Would be cool if the Soul King’s power took the form of several adult bodies and engaged in combat the Shinigami while the Karakura team and Ichigo handle the remaining Sternritter and Juhabach.

Well whatever happens, Aizen’s entrance was cool, glad to see he found a way to continue being the badass he was without even drawing a sword or in this case even raising a hand. Looking forward to the next chapter, hopefully I get to learn more about the Soul King and what he really is.

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