One Piece Chapter 780 – Fading Life

One Piece chapter 780 - Doflamingo shooting Law

Doflamingo just began to unleash the frustration boiling inside himself since yesterday

So the question left hanging at the end of the last chapter continues to remain hanging at the end of this chapter – is Trafalgar Law dead? I do like how Oda rewound the events a bit to detail what happened to Law before being “killed” by Doflamingo while Luffy was distracted by Bellamy, yet for the chapter to end with the same cliff-hanger as the previous chapter, I can’t help but feel my interest slightly neutralised with the lack of movement in the story. I don’t think Law is dead, as elements have been set up already to cater for his survival, but I do appreciate the tension Oda is trying to create with the possibility that Law could die. The threat of the Bird Cage now being real is a welcome development, I love how there is a ‘timer’ of sorts for this climatic battle.

So the major question on everyone’s mind is “is Trafalgar Law dead?” If Doflamingo had shot Law in the head, the answer to this question would be an obvious one, but seeing as all the shots Doflamingo unleashed on Law was at his body, the answer isn’t so clear anymore. The possibility of Law surviving is definitely real, especially with Oda having introduced a character capable of healing grievous injurious earlier in the arc – Princess Mansherry. Kyros rejected Mansherry’s aid was definitely suspicious at the time, but it makes much more sense now with Law’s life knocking on heaven’s door. Seeing as Mansherry was confident she could heal Kyros, who took a gun shot to the leg, it seems likely that Mansherry will be able to heal Law’s wounds with the energy/stamina/life-force Kyros allowed her to save.

One Piece chapter 780 - Law injured

Law on the verge of death…

Mansherry wielding the Chiyu Chiyu no Mi was introduced for a reason and I believe that reason is to make sure Law survives this arc after having been used to build up tension and uncertainty for the climax of this arc – Law being in a near-dead state serves to highlight the threat Doflamingo represents.

Viola has expressed that she is aware of the state Law is in and I believe she may have contacted Leo off-screen on the Den Den Mushi he currently has on him and conveyed the situation to those near the Palace, including Princess Mansherry. In order to prevent Law’s death and save his life, it seems possible that Robin and Co. will escort Princess Mansherry to the top of the Palace where she will attempt to heal Law’s injuries with her powers.

It may not be a simple case of shedding a tear on Law to heal him and may require a much more intense use of Princess Mansherry’s power which could take some time. It would be immensely exciting and exhilarating to see Doflamingo and Trebol try to stop Princess Mansherry from healing Law while Luffy, Robin and the others hold them off. Both Trebol and Robin deserve a proper fight this arc and I would love to see the two of them engage in battle against each other like they have earlier in the arc (albeit a short one).

One Piece chapter 780 - Luffy notices Law's beaten body

That last line…

The final panel in this chapter was a very curious one, it seems like a flashback bubble, but it could very well be Luffy hearing Law’s “voice”. Just like how Luffy heard the Sea Kings voices back in Fishman Island while attacking Noah, Luffy may be hearing Law’s voice in the final panel of this chapter. Luffy has already made mention of being able to hear Law’s voice – in chapter 730 Luffy knew Law wasn’t dead because he could still hear Law’s “voice”. It is understandable that Doflamingo believes Law is dead after having shot him so many times and Law actually looking lifeless, but appearances can be deceiving and there may yet still be some life left in Law, which Luffy is currently about to find out. If Law still has life left, it makes it quite necessary for Princess Mansherry to begin to work her magic on Law as soon as possible, which in turn makes Robin and Co. escorting Princess Mansherry to the top of the Palace to help Law all the more likely.

The whole Luffy/Law/Doflamingo relationship reminds me of the Goku/Vegeta/Frieza relationship. Law wanted to be the one to defeat Doflamingo, but he wasn’t strong enough, yet after having come to realise the strength Luffy possesses (thanks to the previous arcs), he has come to believe that Luffy will be the one to end Doflamingo and his terror. The whole “D” vs Tenryuubito undertone also seems to hold a similar feel to the Saiyan vs Frieza relationship.

One Piece chapter 780 - Law predicting Doflamingo's end

Law really has come to believe in the Straw Hats…

It was great seeing Luffy serious, and although his attacks may not have affected Doflamingo, the longer the battle draws out, the more dangerous Luffy will get. Unfortunately for Luffy, he doesn’t have the luxury of time with Doflamingo’s Bird Cage contracting. Luffy will have to seriously push himself if he plans on nullifying the Bird Cage as at this point it seems Doflamingo being defeated is the only solution to removing it. Whatever Law has to say to Luffy, it will be key in unleashing Luffy.

Looking forward to the next chapter and seeing Luffy continue his battle with Doflamingo. I also wonder if we will get to learn more about the “D”‘s and the Tenryuubito during their fight.

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