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Bleach Chapter 619-620 – The All-Mighty King

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Bleach chapter 619 - Juhabach

Things sure look ominous…

Oh Uryuu, how thoughtful of you to act as the villain and create an exit for Ichigo and Co. to survive their encounter with Juhabach, all in order so they can regroup and come up with a place to actually take down Juhabach and his “All-Mighty”/”All-Seeing”/”All-Trolling” power. Uryuu understands the terror Juhabach represents and he has come up with an elaborate ruse to fool the Sternritter and keep Ichigo and Co. alive. Badass.

Yoruichi is also certainly alive, especially considering the only injury she had suffered was an arrow in the shoulder which she didn’t seem to mind and her arm being mentally “compressed” by Pernida Parnkgjas (that name…) aka. The Compulsory. It will be interesting to see where Yoruichi ended up and how she will make her way back to Ichigo and Co. Inoue will easily be able to heal the injuries Yoruichi suffered, so there isn’t much to worry about regarding Yoruichi being unable to fight again.

Bleach chapter 619 - Yoruichi's arm compressed by Pernida

Yoruichi VS Pernida!! Would love one

Regarding her moment with Pernida, it almost seems as if Kubo-sensei established a match-up between the two which will be continued later on in the arc. Yoruichi managed to experience what Pernida could do with her power and may just end up figuring out what Pernida’s ability actually is – compression! Should be really exciting to see what happens when the two meet again.

As for the rest of Juhabach’s Elite Force, I still can’t get over the fact that they have just been revived from the dead and have angel wings (so they can conveniently reach the Soul King Palace?), it’s weird, incredibly weird…Anyway, is it just me or are the numbers set up perfectly for the main characters to actually be highlighted in battles? Sado, Inoue, Ganju and Yoruichi VS Gerard, Askin, Lille and Pernida, Uryuu VS Jugram and Ichigo VS Juhabach. Make it happen Kubo-sensei!

Bleach chapter 620 - Juhabach's Elite Force

Incoming Sado, Inoue, Ganju and Yoruichi VS Gerard, Askin, Lille and Pernida

Would seriously love for Sado, Inoue, Ganju and Yoruichi to be highlighted in serious battles, it has been so long since we have seen them fight, /cry. I still wonder though how Aizen, Ginjou (and the other Fullbring in Soul Society), Grimmjow (and any other Arrancar) fit in with the future story. Will we ever see Grimmjow or any Arrancar for that matter fight again in the manga? I personally would love to see Nel, Harribel and Grimmjow again…

Bleach chapter 620 - Ichigo and Uryuu

Oh Uryuu, how shrewd you are

Uryuu, I can’t believe he was able to contain himself and stop himself from laughing when Ichigo reacted in his usual pitiful way when he gets trolled. Uryuu “attacking” Ichigo and Co. is definitely an elaborate ruse he has set-up to make they escape Juhabach safely. Ichigo is such a straight-forward guy, after having been with Uryuu for a while, he should be aware that Uryuu is definitely someone who works through plans and deception. Got to hand it to Uryuu though, he knows exactly what sets Ichigo off and said everything he had to to make sure Ichigo saw him as an enemy, ultimately making his apparent “allegiance” to Juhabach that much more believable.

Bleach chapter 620 - Juhabach's plan

How ambitious…

Juhabach, so he plans on absorbing the Soul King’s essence and making it his own? Does this mean that he will in effect become the new Soul King? What exactly is Juhabach after beyond crushing Soul Society? It is starting to become clear that he really is after something beyond that.

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