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Bleach Chapter 618 – Ichigo VS Juhabach (Part I)

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Bleach chapter 618 - Ichigo stops Juhabach

Show us why you are the greatest Ichigo!

Finally, finally, FINALLY! Ichigo is standing up to Juhabach and not getting himself trolled (or so it appears). It is terribly awful when Ichigo falls prey to the main antagonist plans time and time again, but when he picks himself up and begins to REALLY challenge the overwhelming nature of the antagonist, he is insanely badass. Hopefully in this case with his battle against Juhabach beginning, it is the latter.

Oh Kubo-sensei, of course Aizen wasn’t free, of course he was trolling us all with the last chapter, of course most of us fell prey to it, of course Aizen’s release is being dragged on. Even though I was trolled having thought that Aizen freed himself, I can’t say I care as I’ve gotten so used to it now, nothing really stirs up inside me whenever I fall into such a hole. Being trolled has just become the norm when reading Bleach and at this point I find myself unmotivated to even pick up on the obvious trolls Kubo-sensei is using to create cliff-hangers for the chapters. I’m sure I also got trolled somewhere in this chapter as well, but I can’t be bothered trying to figure out where…

Bleach chapter 618 - Kyouraku and Aizen

The conversations shrewd man have are quite thrilling…

Aizen will obviously agree to take a seat and breathe in the air of Soul Society again, well unless he has another plan ready to escape the Shinigami and Kyouraku. I wonder if Aizen was thinking about Ichigo when he wondered why he would agree to Kyouraku’s request and I wonder if Kyouraku realises that Aizen is interested in Ichigo. Anyway, I suspect it will be a good while until we see them again and Aizen on the surface of Soul Society.

Yoruichi, interesting that she has some useful items to help with the current situation, were they prepared by Kisuke beforehand or are they her clans unique seals? Yoruichi has been kicking ass since the start of Bleach without her zanpakutou and I wonder if we will ever get to see her release it and enter her Bankai mode =/. It would be cool, but there isn’t really any opponent available for her zanpakutou and Bankai to be highlighted in, unless of course it is used to seal Juhabach’s movements/vision or create some opportunity for Ichigo to turn the tables. I would so love a spin-off series of Kisuke, Yoruichi and the rest of the shop group in Karakura town.

Bleach chapter 618 - Yoruichi's seal

Yoruichi is such an impressive Shinigami and we have yet to see her zanpakutou!

Sad that Inoue, Sado and Ganju are doing absolutely nothing, would have been great if Kubo-sensei gave them a real purpose for being in this final arc and in the scene currently in focus. Will they really be useful later on in the arc, what exactly was the point of them tagging along with Ichigo? Are they carrying his lunch or something?

Is Juhabach really wondering why Ichigo is resistant to his Quincy blood? The very fact that Ichigo is part Hollow would make it clear why Ichigo isn’t jumping at the Soul King trying to kill him, the Hollow inside Ichigo hungers for Juhabach’s blood as the Quincy and Hollow are enemies to each other.

It is hilarious how Juhabach calls Ichigo arrogant for believing that he can protect Soul Society, the real world and Hueco Mundo, and then goes on to state that his eyes transcend anything Ichigo decided. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black or a person in a glass house throwing stones. It is just ridiculously amusing how hypocritical Juhabach is, especially after those very eyes he is so confident in failed to see what Ukitake had planned. He believes he is a god yet he calls Ichigo arrogant for being ambitious in what his abilities can accomplish. It is going to be spectacular seeing Juhabach fall and stumble over his arrogance. Juhabach believes so strongly that Ichigo is just a pebble in his way, and because of that I am honestly looking forward to seeing Ichigo use everything he has learned in the previous 618 to shock, surprise and defeat Juhabach!

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