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Bleach Chapter 617 – The Return Of Aizen

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Bleach chapter 617 - Aizen sealed

I bet Aizen is smiling behind that mask…

He is finally back and about damn time! The man who single-handedly took on the Gotei 13 (pretty much), makes his grand re-entrance in his usual cryptic style. Looks like without Kyouraku realising it, he got caught in Aizen’s Kyouka Suigetsu. I can’t believe I had been looking forward to this moment for so long and with such excitement, it is almost absurd how much I have come to love Aizen’s character since being out of focus. I guess sometimes you only realise how great a character is once they disappear from the focus of the story. Hopefully with Aizen free, Kubo-sensei has something really special planned for him.

With so many characters making reappearances and with Grimmjow, Ginjou and Tsukishima still having to make a cameo, I really wonder how Kubo-sensei is going to include them in the story when there are barely any bad guys left to face. Sure there are the four Sternritter from Juhabach’s “Elite Force”, but they most likely end up facing the Gotei 13 who are about to enter the Soul King’s realm. I would have loved for the Karakura team to be the ones who take down Juhabach’s “Elite Force” but seeing as no such development has taken place so far, the Karakura team will most likely support Ichigo as he takes on Juhabach. Hopefully the Karakura team do get some serious focus in the climax of this arc. Ah if only there were more villains to help highlight all the main characters O.o.

Aizen will probably serve the role of supporting Ichigo against Juhabach. It has become apparent now that Juhabach’s “all-seeing” ability isn’t absolute as there are certain events that he can’t foresee happening, just like the Ukitake invoking the Kamikake, so it remains possible for Aizen to have the capability of distorting Juhabach’s “all-seeing” ability with his Kyouka Suigetsu. Such a moment will most likely create an opportunity for Ichigo to land a fatal blow on Juhabach.

Bleach chapter 617 - Aizen free

There it is, that smile…

Aizen’s reaction to what is going on in the Soul King’s Palace should be interesting, unless of course he already knows. But I am curious to see if Aizen will help Ichigo protect Soul Society and the other worlds. Aizen never really agreed with the what the previous Soul King embodied, and with Ukitake only serving a temporary Soul King role, I wonder if Aizen will become the new Soul King or will that role fall to Ichigo having Shinigami, Hollow, Human, Fullbringer and Quincy abilities?

Is interesting to note that Kisuke has no knowledge concerning the Kamikake as so far throughout the series he has always had an answer for every problem. Seeing him taken aback by something he doesn’t know was quite the surprising development, I honestly did not expect something like that. I wonder if we will ever see Kisuke’s Bankai in the manga =/.

Looking forward to seeing what Aizen does and whether he will aid Ichigo in the battle to save the worlds from collapsing. As for Juhabach, how will he deal with the Kamikake Ukitake has just activated? Hopefully this ray of light awakens Ichigo back to his senses and out from the hole of negativity he has dug himself in. Ichigo should really try using his Hollow powers against Juhabach.



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