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One Piece Chapter 778 – Zoro VS Pica (Part II)

One Piece chapter 778 - Zoro slices Pica's stone body in half

What Zoro is capable of when he is serious!

And that is exactly why Zoro is one of the most badass shounen characters ever created, he delivers satisfaction in spades (sorry Pica). Not only did he impress with his strength, his ability to tactically analyse the situation and act accordingly was what truly blew my mind. On top of that, the art work this chapter was sublime, those double page spreads melted my eyes as Zoro disposed of Pica in epic fashion. Indeed, the Straw Hats are more than just Straw Hat Luffy and God Usopp, Zoro was quite right when he told Pica he was on a completely different level to him, a shame Pica chose not to listen, he underestimated Zoro big time!

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Bleach Chapter 617 – The Return Of Aizen

Bleach chapter 617 - Aizen sealed

I bet Aizen is smiling behind that mask…

He is finally back and about damn time! The man who single-handedly took on the Gotei 13 (pretty much), makes his grand re-entrance in his usual cryptic style. Looks like without Kyouraku realising it, he got caught in Aizen’s Kyouka Suigetsu. I can’t believe I had been looking forward to this moment for so long and with such excitement, it is almost absurd how much I have come to love Aizen’s character since being out of focus. I guess sometimes you only realise how great a character is once they disappear from the focus of the story. Hopefully with Aizen free, Kubo-sensei has something really special planned for him.

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