One Piece Chapter 777 – Zoro VS Pica

One Piece chapter 777 - Zoro aims at Pica

Mr. Pica, I don’t think it would be wise to have your back towards Zoro

Pica is one strange man, I had expected him to focus all his efforts towards defeating Zoro but in the end Pica determined the best way to protect Doflamingo’s position as the king of Dressrosa was to remove the closest obstacles threatening Doflamingo’s position i.e the previous king, Riku Dold III, and the people representative of the Dressrosa from ten years ago. It is understandable that Pica believes in Doflamingo, but his definition of “king” is so grossly twisted, I can’t help but wonder why he believes Doflamingo makes such a great “king” after everything Pica has seen Doflamingo do. Does Pica really not know the depths of a person’s compassion and kindness (being only subject to torment and suffering prior to meeting Doflamingo)? Regardless, Pica right now is trying to remove the Dressrosa that existed ten years ago by removing King Riku himself.

The manner in how Diamante was defeated was an extremely fitting one; despite Scarlett already having lost her life, she still managed to protect the two people most dear to her and such a phenomenon symbolically conveyed Scarlett’s voice/message towards the two. Her action of being the one to deal the finishing blow on Diamante conveyed to Kyros that he doesn’t need to kill Diamante to get vengeance for her death. The scene also conveyed to both Kyros and Rebecca that Scarlett during the past ten years was with them too and will continue to always be with the both of them (even if she never expressly mentioned it to either of them).

One Piece chapter 777 - a family reunited

They have finally reunited…

After ten long years, the three of them are finally together again as a family. And on top of that, those unable to make peace with Scarlett’s death for the past ten years due to circumstances they were forced to endure through (King Riku, Viola and Tank) were finally able to with the defeat of Diamante.

Robin being injured was a surprise, I honestly did not expect that but it makes sense why it happened, after all there was only so much a bundle of flowers gathered together could defend against when it was raining spiked steel balls. Robin took it upon herself to use her body as a final ‘layer’ to protect Rebecca from harm. Robin may currently be injured, but I am still holding out hope for her getting an actual battle this arc (against Trebol). The only thing which has changed by Robin getting injured is the fact that she will now enter the battle against Trebol on a more balanced level (if she does face Trebol that is) – Trebol was injured by Law and Robin was injured by Diamante. Robin right now is still one of the least injured characters on Dressrosa at the moment and the most relevant character near the palace who would have a reason to head to the palace (to assist her captain).

One Piece chapter 777 - Robin's injuries

Oh Robin, you are awesome

Trebol being taken out by Luffy or Law would just be a waste as those two have already shown how much more capable they are then Trebol, so much so that if either of two end up being the one to take on Trebol, I doubt the fight would even last a chapter. Sure Law lost an arm, but what benefit would him defeating Trebol embody? The fact that he is still able to beat an opponent he completely overwhelmed when he had both arms? It would be much more beneficial and exciting for the arc if someone more near Trebol’s level were to face off against him and defeat him. The seat executives haven’t so far shown themselves to be tremendously powerful characters capable of representing what a New World pirate is (except Vergo). If Robin does get the opportunity to face Trebol, I believe she will be able to defeat him. Such a fight can highlight Robin’s potential as a fighter and showcase just how much she has developed in the past two years.

Well even though I am hoping for Robin to be the one to take down Trebol, I am still preparing myself for the major disappointment in Robin still not getting a serious fight in 500 chapters (since Skypiea). I honestly don’t know why Oda is so resistant in giving Robin another fight like the one she had on Skypiea to highlight her fighting capabilities and potential, because the fans really do desire such a thing. It would honestly be a tragic shame if after going through twelve Donquixote Pirates on Dressrosa (Buffalo, Sugar, Machvise, Lao G, Baby 5, Dellinger, Gladius, Jora, Senor Pink, Diamante, Pica, and Trebol) that Robin, a main character in the story and one of five Straw Hats currently on Dressrosa, ended up defeating zero of them. It makes one almost want to cry. Ultimately though, until I actually see Robin not fight Trebol, I will continue to believe in the possibility.

It is pretty amusing how after seeing the way Diamante and Pica fight, I feel Bellamy is more representative of how a New World pirate should fight – not backing down despite the enemy in front of them and giving their all without underestimating their opponent or overestimating themselves. Diamante was too cocky and overconfident that it made him blind to Kyros’s true strength and Pica is just underestimating Zoro like he is a mere afterthought. Pica will certainly get what is coming for him.

One Piece chapter 777 - Pica's underhanded methods

That is just low Pica!

What Pica is currently doing is just downright dirty. I don’t mind when an enemy targets the weaker members in a group in order to reduce the number of opponents they are fighting, especially when that enemy is alone, or to delay that group in general, but going after weakened and wounded characters who have no desire to fight, such a cowardly tactic deserves a response! Pica seems to be so high on his ability, I doubt he really believes he can be defeated, well more than that, I doubt he ever faced a strong enough opponent to actually make him doubt the strength of his Devil Fruit! Zoro will likely do us all a favour and instill the meaning of fear right inside Pica and make him realise just how vulnerable and small both he and his abilities are.

One Piece chapter 777 - Zoro vs Pica

What a sudden rise in tension, how exactly will Zoro take down Pica?

What I am glad about though which this chapter managed to accomplish is the creation of a situation that will inevitably allow Zoro to shine. Even before Zoro reveals to us his move, the mere mention that he is going to obliterate Pica (derived after careful planning O.o) is enough to satisfy the readers that Pica is really going to get what is justly deserved. The bandana being tied and Zoro equipping Wado Ichimonji in his mouth only adds to the excitement building up towards his climatic moment.

I also have to mention that Usopp’s reaction at the end of the chapter was gold – the cause of Sugar’s trauma. With a God in the front and a demon at the back, Pica really does seem screwed – guess 777 means bad luck for him =(. All that’s left is for someone to help boost Zoro towards Pica – Elizabello and his King Punch? Looking forward to the next chapter and seeing the conclusion of the Zoro vs Pica battle.

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