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One Piece Chapter 776 – The Legendary Kyros

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One Piece chapter 776 - Kyros's determination

What an absolute beast Kyros, no wonder he is a legend!

Kyros; the strongest gladiator in the history of the Corrida Colosseum, the undefeated champion of 3,000 matches, and the commander of the Riku Royal Army, yet a man robbed of his humanity for ten long years fated to exist as a toy while the nation he loves slowly crumbles into ruin and desolation. Carrying the weight of a nation’s sorrow and the regret of his own inabilities on his shoulders, he becomes the embodiment of country’s anger and bears that weight towards the man who brutally stole the life of his wife away from him and the world. The difference in resolve driving their swords became the deciding factor in revealing who the true Hero of the Corrida Colosseum was.

Diamante displayed a grossly underwhelming performance as one of the main fighters in the Donquixote Pirates, but given the representation of how ignorant and arrogant Diamante was since his introduction, it is hardly a surprise to me that he was overwhelmed completely by an opponent who was truly driven by the need to win. Kyros was clearly the better fighter and proved just how outclassed Diamante the matador was when his “red flag” in the form of his tricks were ineffective.

One Piece chapter 776 - Diamante is defeated

The Flagman got what he deserved and how satisfying it was

Diamante had some fanciful abilities but thanks to the narrow-mindedness consuming him, he was unable to even begin to comprehend the depths of Kyros’s determination and resolve. Such a fighter unable to even understand the qualities of his enemy would obviously end up in the same situation as Diamante – defeated.

Diamante’s “Death Enjambre” was a great way to highlight the flexibility of Robin’s abilities and the tenacity of Kyros. An attack capable of taking out an entire army being fended off by a mass of flowers and a man wielding a sword. Kyros being able to parry each of the spiked steel balls was incredible, especially with them falling down on him like rain. Diamante’s sadistic side of shooting Kyros’s remaining leg only made the scene of Kyros conveying the weight behind his resolve that much more impacting and badass.

Along with protecting Dressrosa, Kyros fought for Rebecca as well, for the lengths she has gone through to honor her mother’s wishes – to not wound another. By taking on Diamante alone and telling Rebecca to drop her sword, he is allowing Rebecca to continue honoring Scarlett’s wishes by keeping the hands that have survived the bloodshed and suffering of the Colosseum unstained remain unstained. In the hands of Rebecca, Scarlett’s will lives on and so to the future of Dressrosa.

One Piece chapter 776 - Scarlett's inherited will

Scarlett’s will inherited by Rebecca

There is significant symbolic power behind the representation of Rebecca and the way she has lived her life for the past ten years. While the citizens and its people succumbed to Doflamingo’s lies and deception, Rebecca alone kept alive the Dressrosa of ten years ago, the Dressrosa that pursued peace and concern for its people. The memory of such a Dressrosa may have faded in the minds of its people after the events of the past ten years, but with Rebecca enduring through it all and continuing to keep alive her mother’s will, such a Dressrosa will once again shine upon the world as it had so radiantly in the past.

Even if Diamante’s defeat was a short one, it felt spectacularly satisfying when Kyros made Diamante feel the weight of a blade filled with ten years of anger and rage. Not even Diamante’s blade or his incessant taunts could stand up to such a magnificent strike.

One Piece chapter 776 - Mil Fleur Flower Umbrella

I do love how versatile Robin’s Hana Hana no Mi can be

With the battle seemingly having concluded, I am very interested to see if Robin will head up towards the top of the castle where she will end up facing Trebol. Robin is practically unharmed so she is in a perfect condition to get a battle of her own like the other Straw Hat Pirates currently on Dressrosa. A Robin vs Trebol match-up would definitely be a fitting and exciting one. The fact that Robin could learn something from Doflamingo concerning the Will of “D” only makes Robin’s presence at the top of the palace that much more relevant and likely. Looking forward to seeing how the remainder of this arc is handled.

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