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Bleach Chapter 615 – The Return Of Chaos

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Bleach chapter 615 - All is Lost

The death of the Soul King ushers in the destruction of worlds…

Oh Juhabach, he is going to be so surprised when things don’t work out the way he expects and foresees because something will inevitable happen that flips the whole situation around on him. Be it Ichigo doing something or Aizen appearing and messing with Juhabach’s senses ultimately distorting the “future” he foresees, in the end something IS going to happen to prevent the worlds from crumbling. I must admit though, I find myself quite distressed at seeing Ichigo once again trolled by an opponent and not even realise that him panicking is only making the situation more dire. Ichigo may be strong, but he seriously needs to think before reacting.

I guess now we know what the Soul King’s existence represented – an existence capable of bringing stability to the chaotic flow of souls traveling between worlds. What I am intrigued by is the notion that Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, the Precipice World and the Human World existed in a different state before the Soul King was created. I was under the impression that killing the Soul King would cause all the worlds to collapse into nothingness, which is also what Kisuke believes, but from Juhabach’s comment, that doesn’t seem to be the case as each of the worlds existed in another state prior to being stabilised by the Soul King. Well if that is the case, then the Soul King dying wouldn’t end the world, it would only revert the world to the state they existed in before the Soul King was created. I wonder if Juhabach really understands the true nature of the world without the Soul King =/.

Bleach chapter 615 - the world without the Soul King

How did the worlds look without the Soul King?

All Soul Society needs to do is defeat Juhabach and create a new Soul King to bring about that stability again. Although, how does one go about creating a Soul King?

Yoruichi was smart taking the opportunity when Juhabach was distracted to immobilise his movements, giving Inoue a chance to revive the Soul King. It was a great plan, but it doesn’t seem Inoue has the necessary power capable of restoring the Soul King. But if that is the case, all Inoue needs in order to be able to restore the Soul King is more power. Ichigo having a massive supply of reiatsu could find a way to channel it to Inoue.

Well, that may not happen as Ukitake seems to have expected such an outcome. That conversation he had with Kyouraku in chapter 605 is starting to make a bit more sense now. It appears Ukitake had foreseen such an outcome since back then and most likely has something prepared, or at least appears to have. Still I really do wonder what Ukitake’s shadow in the form of an eye meant back then – does he also have the ability to see the future?

Interested to see where Juhabach’s Elite Force is as I very much like for Sado, Inoue, Yoruichi and Ganju to have some opponents to fight in this final arc of Bleach. Doesn’t seem that will likely happen if the Gotei 13 manages to enter the Soul Palace and encounter the Elite Force though. Oh well, looking forward to the next chapter and learning what Ukitake will do.

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