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[Theory] One Piece – What Will Monet’s Role In The Story Be?


One Piece Chapter 693 - The New Age

What adventures await the Straw Hat Pirates in the New World?

If Monet really is an astronomer, we may very well get an arc/saga centered around the moons and space in the future. How exciting would it be to see the Straw Hat Pirates sail across the “Black Sea” towards one of the moons of the One Piece world?

The fact that Oda had revealed in the Enel’s Great Space Operation cover story that there are Space Pirates and Space Pirate ships within the One Piece universe, the possibility of space being sailed upon does exist. Since a precedent has been set, it is possible for the Straw Hat Pirates to “sail” in space like the Space Pirates do.

There is a certain reason for why I believe Monet may have knowledge on astronomy – the reference Oda placed in chapter 666 of Monet reading a book with the title beginning with the letters “ASTRO” (middle left panel). There aren’t many words that begin with “ASTRO” that a book could be titled after, and the word that would currently be the most relevant in the story of One Piece is “Astronomy” as Oda himself has made space relevant to the story of One Piece. It also seems likely that a role such as “astronomer” may become relevant to the Straw Hat Pirates adventure if Oda is planning to have them travel to space and include more nakama in the crew. In this case, Monet’s knowledge on space may become critical in the Straw Hat Pirates future adventures.

Additionally there is a second book which Monet reads with a word comprising the letters “CLIP” (bottom middle panel of Monet). If Astronomy is the subject Monet was reading about, the title of this book could be “ECLIPSE”, which is also relevant to space and the moons.

Allowing astronomy to become relevant in the story of One Piece could help in understanding the connection between the civilisations that came from the moon to the One Piece world and their connection to the ancient civilisation that was dominant in the One Piece world over 900 years ago (before the Void Century). Information concerning the “D”‘s may also become fleshed out with exposure to the moons and the history surrounding the ancient civilisations.

The Tenryuubito wearing garments that look like a “spacesuit” makes one tempted to reach the conclusion that space is in some manner or form relevant and/or connected with the Tenryuubito and the history of the Twenty Kings. The name the leaders of the World Government go by also seems to suggest some form of relation to space and astronomy – the Gorosei (Five Elder Stars).

Also with Monet’s dream centering around the Pirate King, astronomy may be relevant in locating Raftel, as from Roger’s comment to Whitebeard, getting to Raftel doesn’t seem as simple as just sailing towards the end of the Grand Line. The fact that Oda made the Pirate King such an important concept to Monet that her seemingly final thoughts were about it, adds to the support of Monet becoming a Straw Hat nakama as her dream is apparently deeply connected with the Pirate King, which is exactly what Luffy dreams to become.

After the events on Dressrosa, Monet will end up traveling with Luffy and Co. in order to retrieve her heart from the Thousand Sunny. During that journey Monet may begin to see the passion Luffy has towards the dream of becoming Pirate King and subsequently find herself opening up to him to the point of wanting to travel with the Straw Hat Pirates. And with Monet traveling with the Straw Hats an opportunity for her to finally begin to heal (like Nami and Robin) may be created. Luffy would definitely love Monet once he finds out she is a Yuki-Onna (snow-woman), if he doesn’t know already.

Given time, Monet could follow similar developments to Nami and Robin and want to join the crew permanently. Being a former [Tenryuubito] slave (if the theory is right) would also allow for a further story centering around Monet to unravel in the future, like what happened with Nami and Robin. With the Tenryuubito seemingly playing a big part in how the politics of nations run – nations sending a Tenjoukin (Heavenly Tribute) to the Tenryuubito – and with the focus of nations and their structure hinted at changing with the upcoming Reverie, it would be interesting if Luffy had a reason to directly go against the Tenryuubito in the New World (that reason being connected with Monet and her past).

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2 thoughts on “[Theory] One Piece – What Will Monet’s Role In The Story Be?

  1. I only have one thing to point out. If you research historical pirate navigators, well any ancient navigators, the best navigators HAD to know astronomy, especially for sailing at night or getting lost, loosing sea charts, etc. Ships didn’t wan’t navigators who DIDN’t know astronomy. If Nami is worth her salt as a navigator, she needs to be at least proficient in astronomy. However, it’s one piece and Oda may make up his own rules. If he does, Robin knows astronomy. She grew up being taught by scholars who built their own model of the universe http://www.mangatown.com/manga/one_piece/v41/c392/3.html and Robin passed their archaeologist exam and was certified. It’s not fact, but I’m pretty sure astronomy was part of her lessons, based on how precise they were and they built that universe model.

    Oda could still bring a astronomer on and if her does, I won’t complain, but based off what I listed above, I don’t think the straw hats need an astronomer.

    • I suppose, but I can’t shake the feeling that by the tenth page Monet featured in Oda intentionally had the reader’s make the connection between Monet and Astro[nomy]. If Oda didn’t want us to make such a connection, why even include it? Why make such words legible by the readers when he could have easily just continued to have the books have illegible words/titles on them like the rest of the panels/pages.

      I take what Oda did as a subtle hint to his intentions for future story developments. As of the current point in the manga we have yet to see Nami or Robin illustrate any use of Astronomy, yet we have Oda making a subtle link between Monet and Astro[nomy]. I can’t help but wonder what Oda intended us to think of Monet when he made her so mysterious.

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