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[Theory] One Piece – Using Nami And Robin To Predict Who The Third Female Straw Hat Member Could Be

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One Piece chapter 726 - double page colour spread

Can the past of Nami and Robin help to predict who a potential female nakama could be?

They are only two female characters currently in the Straw Hat Pirates, so it may be hard to try to predict what qualities another female character would need to possess to potentially become a Straw Hat member, but even with two we can still try to dissect some notable consistencies or similarities that may help in identifying a female character that could have potential in becoming the next female to join the Straw Hat Pirates.

Nami and Robin are both intellectual characters, who have been seen several times reading books and recording their research in order to reach their dream. Nami and Robin’s dreams aren’t accomplished by reaching a destination or finding something or defeating someone, their dreams are progressively advanced each arc as they adventure on new islands on the Grand Line and uncover new information relating to the history of the One Piece world. Would the next potential female Straw Hat member also have a dream that is progressively advanced through the story of One Piece? If so, Monet’s possible astronomer role may fit that characteristic as studying space and the moons and how they affect the One Piece world may progressively provide clues as to how one would go about reaching Raftel in order to find the legendary treasure believed to be left their by Gol D. Roger.

Another similarity between Nami and Robin is the work they were involved in prior to traveling with the Straw Hat Pirates. Both engaged in activities that one would consider residing within the “criminal/dark side” of the world (although pirates are considered evil in the world as well…). Nami was a skilled thief before joining the Straw Hat Pirates, and Robin prior to traveling with the Straw Hats worked as an assassin. Would the next potential female to join the Straw Hat Pirates also be involved in a questionable occupation before becoming a Straw Hat member? Looking at Monet, during the Punk Hazard Arc, she served as Doflamingo’s spy within Caesar’s ranks informing Doflamingo of what Caesar was up and whether he was remaining true to the business partnership Doflamingo and Caesar had. Much like thieving and assassination, espionage also resides within the “criminal/dark side” of the world.

Nami and Robin didn’t start off on friendly terms with Luffy and the other Straw Hat Pirates. Nami hated pirates and wasn’t against using Luffy to further her own ends. Robin was part of the organisation that made the Straw Hat Pirates their assassination targets. It is likely the next female Straw Hat Pirate would also not start off on friendly terms with them. Monet in this case, was part of the organisation trying to use the Straw Hat Pirates to further Caesar Clown’s experiments/research/”business dealings”/insecurities.

Both Nami and Robin had their past fleshed out in an arc that came sometime after the arc in which they began traveling with the Straw Hat Pirates. Unlike the male members where we learn about their past in the arc they are introduced in, Nami and Robin only had their past highlighted in a later arc. If this is the case for the next potential female Straw Hat member(s), it means that even if Monet didn’t have her past revealed as of yet, there is still the likely possibility that a later arc would be centered around her; her past and the suffering she had to endure from it.

It would also be a nice touch to a potential repeated occurrence concerning the Straw Hat female members (who had their story expanded on sometime after their introduction arc) if Monet also became part of the Straw Hat Pirates:

  • Nami, her life was ruined by Fishman – Luffy went against them and made the marines his enemy to save her (he angered Captain Nezumi);
  • Robin, her life was ruined by the Marines – Luffy went against them and made the world government his enemy to save her;
  • Monet, her life was ruined by the Tenryuubito (if the theory is correct and Monet does join the Straw Hat Pirates) – Luffy will end up saving her and make the Gorosei his enemy

With Monet sharing several similarities with Nami and Robin, it may be possible for Monet to be the next female to join the Straw Hat Pirates.

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One thought on “[Theory] One Piece – Using Nami And Robin To Predict Who The Third Female Straw Hat Member Could Be

  1. I can honestly see the straw hats getting a 3rd female member someday, giving name and robin another girl to talk to, and sanji would likely call them the “beauty trio” due to how beautiful they are, linking in with the “monster trio” and the “weakling trio”.

    However, while your thoughts on monet are interesting, as I still consider her dead, I do not see her returning outside flashbacks. However, the only female I’ve seen to date that has the potential to join in the future is Boa Hancock. In fact, she does have some similarities with name and robin so far:

    *she was an enemy to the straw hats (or at least Luffy when they first met)
    *works with the government (begrudgingly) to protect her people but hates the government.
    *Like nami and robin, there tragic pasts were only hinted or partly shown after their recent introduction as hancock only told luffy her story and glimpses of her time as a slave.
    *her life was already ruined by the tenryubito, as she’s still bitter about her ordeals, so there may come a rescue arc like with reviere coming up soon since reveire will take place and the possibility of the shichibukai system being dissolved will likely occur.
    *Plus, Hancock already has her own gags amongst others: looking down by looking up, dislike small animals (chopper) and girly towards Luffy.

    I know this is only hypothetical, but she will lose her title eventually and I do see the possibility of her people being attacked by someone someday and needing help. Plus, her dream is likely to marry Luffy someday, like maybe after he becomes the pirate king or something.

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